Surprising Penis Facts

10 Surprising Facts About Your Penis

What is a penis?

Probably not something you have spent much time thinking about before.   Because we all know that it it’s the “little friend” that every man has and is normally obsessed with.  But beyond the obvious- most men don’t know the first thing about their penis. I bet that 9 out of 10 men haven’t heard these surprising facts about their own penis.

1. You Either Have a “Grower” or “Show-er”

Some men’s penises grow and some show.

What does this mean? There’s no relation to the size of a flaccid penis or an erect penis. Some penises are almost their erect length when flaccid and only gain 0.25″ when erect.

Others have been shown to grow by as much as 3.5″ when erect.

Show-er penises may look big while flaccid, but they don’t grow much when erect. A grower may have a penis that looks small when flaccid, but when they become erect, they can grow a few inches.

2. Penises Need to Be Exercised If You Don’t Want to “Lose It”

Researchers at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine claim that you need to “use it or lose it.” The penis’ smooth muscle has to fill with blood periodically to enrich the muscle with oxygen.

And this is why men have erections in the middle of the night.

The brain has a “maintenance” function. What this function does is cause the penis to become hard during sleep cycles. Men that are unable to get an erection due to trauma will notice that the penis shrinks by 1 – 2 centimeters.

So, use it or lose it goes for the penis, too.

3. Expect Sensitivity to Decline

You can’t stop aging, and this means that the penis will become less sensitive over time. The penis’ sensory threshold starts to decline at 25, and between 65 and 75, this decline accelerates.

But most men tend to never realize that they’ve lost sensitivity or don’t want to tell their doctors about it.

4. Under the Glans is Most Sensitive

Where is the most sensitive area of the penis?

Researchers asked 81 men what area of their body was most sensitive. The “pleasure zone,” according to the British Journal of Urology International, was found to be on the underside of the shaft and the glans.

Upper glans, left and right of the glans and the upper part of the shaft were also very sensitive, but less sensitive than the first two areas mentioned.

If you want to be stimulated, these are the best areas to try and stimulate.

5. You’re Penis is Hiding from You

Your erect penis isn’t the real size of your penis.

I mean, that’s what every man boasts about in the bedroom, but there’s more to your penis than meets the eye. The truth is that half of your penis is really hiding away inside of your body.

If you have an MRI done, you’ll see that the penis looks more like a boomerang than it does the shape of the penis.

While this extra size may not help you in the bedroom, it still exists. You really can’t boast about it though.

6. Men Can Use Vibrators, Too

Vibrators are often promoted just for women, but the truth is that men can also enjoy the pleasure of a vibrator.

Vibrations have been shown to stimulate the penis. Men that have spinal cord injuries are using special vibrators that are held on the penis’ underside to ejaculate.

Most men won’t need to use a vibrator to ejaculate, but if you experience any of the following, you do:

  • Difficulty orgasming
  • Delayed ejaculation

But if you just want to have fun, you can use a vibrator to ejaculate even if you don’t have any medical issues.

7. Only 30% of Men are Circumcised

The World Health Organization (WHO) found that just 30% of males aged 15 or older were actually circumcised.

Religion plays a major role in the rate of circumcision. Muslim and Jewish faiths primarily have a circumcised penis, and the group accounts for 70% of all male circumcisions in the world.

There is some evidence that the practice is beneficial to your health.

Males that have been circumcised have a lower risk of:

  • Penile cancer
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Sexually transmitted infections

So, if you have a circumcised penis, you’re among the minority, not the majority, as many men believe.

8. You Can Enlarge Your Size

Penis enlargement is not real, right?  Not according to actual studies.

The British Association of Urological Surgeons claims that penis enlargement is possible using non-surgical methods. While some of the methods are bound to end in disappointment, the most promising method of enhancement is penile traction.

The process of traction is the gentle stretching of the penis and the glans to help create micro tears in the penis.

As the tears begin to heal, the penis is enlarged over time. This is a process that takes months to see results, but there’s no need to have surgery performed. In fact, the same study claims that surgical procedures have unacceptable rates of complications.

9. A Community of Bacteria Exists on the Penis’ Skin

The skin of the penis is a host for bacteria.

Researchers conducting studies on the penis’ bacteria found that there are 42 unique bacteria on the skin of the penis. Scientists went as far as calling the skin of the penis its very own ecosystem.

Circumcision actually led to fewer bacteria than non-circumcised men.

Your penis needs all of these bacteria, so it’s nothing for a man to worry about.

10. You Can Actually Break Your Penis

Yes, it’s possible to break the penis.

There’s no bone in the penis, but that doesn’t mean that the penis cannot be broken. An erect penis can be twisted, or the person on top goes too fast, and the blood vessels that help the penis can burst in the process.

When these vessels burst, it creates a very painful experience that will result in massive swelling and bleeding.

Men need to be careful when slipping out of their partner. Studies found that 1-in-3 men that suffer a break in the penis slip out of their partners and their penis becomes twisted in the process.