Andropenis Extender Review


Tired of having a small penis? I’ve been in your shoes before. A small penis doesn’t make you feel confident in yourself. There are times when I’ve been embarrassed to leave the lights on when taking my pants off.

If you’re interested in Andropenis, you’re looking for a way to increase your:

  1. Penis length
  2. Penis girth

Andropenis found that men who use their product properly will be able to extend their penis size by 6 centimeters and their girth by 3 centimeters.

If you’re not using the metric system, this means 2.3 inches in length and 1.18 inches in girth.

It’s an impressive gain.

For a lot of men, this is over a 30% increase in length – that’s substantial. You won’t be able to achieve these results with jelqing or stretching exercises. No way.

Your results may be different, but there’s a lot of potential when using this product.

How Does The Andropenis Extender Work?

Andropenis is a device, so you don’t have to worry about surgery or a harsh procedure to increase your size. You never have to worry about lifelong damage to your penis, losing sensation or not being able to get erect.

This is a solution that occurs over time.

You won’t see results overnight; true penis gains take time to materialize.

So, the idea is simple. You wear this device, and over time, your penis is enlarged. It’s a process, and it goes much deeper than this simple explanation.

Andropenis was designed to provide comfort and be worn on your flaccid penis. Comfort straps keep the device in place without discomfort, pinches or pulls causing you pain. The innovative design uses pressure to extend your penis size.

A small, gradual amount of pressure is applied to the penis.

This sounds painful, but it’s not.  Really.

The company found that pressure can be applied gently to the flaccid penis to create these tiny tears in the penile tissue. These tears (don’t worry, you can’t feel them) are the “magic” behind the Andropenis.

Wait. Tears Sound Painful!


I know, I thought the same thing. No one wants to tear their penis, and this isn’t what’s happening. Did you know that when you exercise, small tears occur in the muscle fibers that heal and make your muscle larger?

This is almost identical to how the Andropenis extender works.

Steady progress involves these small tears, which your body is able to rapidly heal. New cells will be created to fill in the small tears through a process called cytokinesis. What this process does is encourage cell division in the body.

When your cells divide, they will begin to fill in the gaps left by the tears, leading to a longer, thicker penis.

What’s Cytokinesis?

penis excercises

Pure science. You can find the research here. I’m not going to get too technical here, but cytokinesis is, essentially, physical cell division. The cytoplasm of a cell will divide into two additional cells. This is done from the parental cell, which creates daughter cells.

The parental cell works to ensure that each daughter cell has nucleus ends.

Eventually, these two cells will have their own plasma membrane. It’s a complicated process, and what’s most important to remember is that these small tears in your penis’ tissue will force cell division to occur.

This cell division and repair of the penis leads to massive growth over time.

Andropenis Incorporates Traction

fda approved penis stretcher

Andropenis is backed by science, and it uses what’s known as traction. This is a medical concept that has been used for thousands of years. If you’ve ever seen pictures of tribe members, you may have seen that they have some very unique features.

These features include:

  • Very long earlobes
  • Elongated lips

How did this happen? It’s not a part of evolution. These tribe members have been using traction to reshape their body and their features. Oftentimes, this is done for aesthetics, and you can’t deny how effective the results are.

It’s an amazing process.

Plastic surgeons have used traction with great success, too. It’s a process that works very well, and it actually has a lot of applications that extend well beyond just penis extending.

But it also works with penis extension.

This is how the Andropenis extender works on a scientific level, but how does it work on the user level? How do you use this product, and how long do you need to wear this device?

How to Use The Andropenis Extender Correctly


Andropenis’ manufacturer has included a manual that allows you to start using your penis extender quickly. The good thing is that the manual is straightforward, so you’ll be able to start using your extender quickly.

You’ll simply put the device over your flaccid penis, adjust the traction level and leave it on.

The manufacturer knows how to use their product best, and they recommend the following:

  • 4 hours of usage per day at a minimum
  • Rest for a few minutes every hour when first using the device
  • Break up the 4 hours however you see fit

Faster gains are possible, but you need to be very dedicated to using your Andropenis. The company states that you can wear their extender for up to nine hours at most. This means wearing the device up to nine hours every day.


You don’t need to take days off.

And if you want to see ideal results, Andropenis should be worn for at least six hours per day. This isn’t a hard limit to reach, and it will allow you to bolster your results quickly.

Studies on the device found that people wearing this device for six months, following the recommendations above, saw length gains of 2 inches and girth gains of one inch. You’ll find that you start seeing positive gains after the first two months with some measurable gains after the first month of usage.

Andropenis Results Based on Clinical Testing

Clinical testing allows you to better understand the results that Andropenis can offer. Sure, this device can be used with great proficiency, but if the results are subpar, does it really matter? You’ll find clinical studies from some of the world’s most respected, third-party organizations.


A few of the most impressive results we’ve come across include:

  1. PubMed. A clinical study from PubMed found 97.5% of participants had success when using this extender. The study lists 1.6 inches as the average length gained and leaves off the average girth gained. PubMed additionally found that the results were lasting, so you can be confident that your penis enhancement isn’t short-lived.
  2. Nature. Nature’s study also found that the average penis length increase when using Andropenis was 1.6 inches.
  3. JSM. A JSM study is the only one that lists girth, and the average girth gain during the study was 0.4 inches.

These results are pretty consistent with what all of the reviews we’ve found online state. Sure, there are the few people that didn’t experience gains, but they also didn’t lose any money since they received a 100% money back guarantee when ordering.

And according to all of the medical certifications and reviews, this product is 100% safe.

Is the Andropenis a Medically Certified Penis Extender?


Yes. Andropenis isn’t your ordinary penis extender. This extender has patents and medical certifications. Pure medical certifications come from an array of sources, including:

  • USA: The FDA classifies this device as a Class 2 Medical Device.
  • Australia: The ARTG classifies this as a Class I Medical Device.
  • Canada: The CMDCAS classifies this as a Class I Medical Device.
  • Europe: The CE classifies this as a Class I Medical Device.
  • Mexico: The Cofepris classifies this as a Class I Medical Device.
  • Russia: The OC classifies this as a Class I Medical Device.

The ISO has also certified Andropenis into many classifications. You’ll be confident in knowing that your extender is ISO certified for:

  • ISO 9001:2008 – a certification for the quality management of Andropenis.
  • ISO 13485:2012 – a certification for medical devices to ensure quality management.
  • ISO 10993 – a certification for the biocompatibility of medical devices.

You can rest assured that Andropenis is manufactured following the industry’s highest standards. When you receive your extender, you’ll receive a device that’s guaranteed to provide results.

It’s a confident purchasing decision that can lead to massive penis length and girth gains.

Andropenis Guarantee

andropenis reviews

Andropenis is confident that their product will work. The extender works without surgery or complicated procedures.

Andropenis offers a 60-day money back guarantee with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

You can be confident that this isn’t just another fly-by-night company, too.

The company owns two penis traction device patents:

  1. (2007) US Patent: US 7,276,040 B2
  2. (2012) US Patent: US 2012/0220820 A1

And these are just United States patents. The company also owns patents across the world in:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Europe
  • India
  • Japan
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia

Andropenis’ manufacturer has taken the world of penis extension seriously, and their array of patents show that the company has conducted a lot of research in the field. You’ll find that Andropenis is a leading penis enhancer.

Media outlets have covered this product extensively, too.

You’ll find this penis extender featured in:

  • ScienceDaily
  • LiveScience
  • Men’s Health
  • The Times of India

ScienceDaily reports that flaccid penis size is increased by 32% when using this penis extender every day over a 6-month period.

Even PubMed did a clinical study on Andropenis and found that it works. It’s a high quality medical device, and the results speak for themselves.

Free shipping is offered worldwide.


And shipping is fast, too. The company has warehouses in America, Asia and Europe, so you can be sure that your discreet box will arrive promptly. UPS handles all U.S. orders, so you can keep track of your extender from the moment it leaves the warehouse.

You can also pay for your product through PayPal.

The company ships every extender discreetly, so no one will ever know your little secret. I opt to pay with PayPal because it adds another layer of protection for me so that no one knows I am using an extender to enhance my penis size.

If you want to achieve proven gains of 2 inches in penis length and one inch in penis girth, stop reading and start taking action.

Click here to order Andropenis today – shipping is free and discreet.

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