Grower or Shower Science

Grower or Shower? The Science of Flaccid vs Erect Penis Size

If you’re a man, you may have seen other flaccid penises and wondered: am I really that small?

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Well, probably not.

Some men are “growers,” and others are “showers.” If you’re a “grower,” your penis may look smaller when it’s flaccid, but when it’s erect, it’s more than likely a normal size.

What Is The Difference Between Growers and Showers?

It is all about genetics. Some men operate at a reduced capacity when flaccid and will grow into their full size when the moment arises.  Others will be closer to their erect size when they’re flaccid.  This is the main difference between the two groups in terms of function.

Experts claim that growers increase in size at a greater percentage and thus your flaccid size is not a great predictor of your max size.

So just because a person is a grower doesn’t mean that they’re not the same length as a shower. For example, a shower’s erection may be 6″, and when they’re flaccid, they may be 5″ in length.

A grower may be just 2.5″ in length when flaccid, but when erect, their penis will grow to 6″+.

Appearance is the main difference between the grower vs shower.

What Determines Your Flaccid vs Erect Size?

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Flaccid and erect sizes are determined primarily by how much the penis can stretch.  Elasticity is what determines the difference between a flaccid and an erect penis. A shower may have less elasticity than a grower, so the size is closer to the erect size than the grower. There are some growers that look like they have a 2 – 3-inch penis, but when blood fills their penile chambers, the elasticity of the skin will expand and their penis will grow larger and larger.

It’s not uncommon for a person that’s a “grower” to have a massive penis. A grower that is under 3″ when flaccid can be 8 inches when they’re erect.  Studies show that most growers will double in size when fully erect.

Showers hardly stretch at all, so while they may be starting from a bigger size- the final result doesn’t change that much.

How Can You Tell Which One You Are?

If you want to determine what type of penis you have, stand in front of the mirror naked. While your penis is flaccid, pull it away from the body as far as you can without experiencing pain. Measure your penis during this “full stretch,” and you’ll be able to tell if you’re a grower vs shower.

The shower’s skin will not stretch very far, under 1.5″.  If your skin does stretch far, there’s a good chance that you’re a grower.

Other Influences On Flaccid Size

Another consideration is how old you are.  When a person ages, there’s also less collagen fibers in the penile tissue. What this means is that the penile tissue isn’t able to extend as far as it once was able to extend.

The result is a penis that effectively “shrinks” despite being a grower or shower.

One other thing to consider is recreational drug use.  This may surprise you but if you know much about the ‘turtling’ phenomenon, you should know that certain drugs defined as vasoconstrictors (Ephedrine) can cause serious shrinkage.

Official Statistics

If you’re wondering if more people are growers or showers, the answer is: growers.

This is why it’s common for men to wonder how one guy in the locker room can be so massive while others don’t seem to compare.

Growers account for 79% of the population.

The remaining 21% of men are showers, or those lucky men that are partially near their real erect size.

Younger men have a “stretchable penis,” and this is due to the penis containing more collagen fibers. Collagen declines as you age, so if you have a very stretchable penis, don’t expect it to last forever.

Do women have a preference of a grower vs shower?

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Not really. The shower may have a more impressive penis on first impression, but when it comes to intercourse, there’s not much of a difference. Growers also have the element of surprise, so while a partner may not expect the penis to grow much, it can grow as much as four times its flaccid size as a grower.

So, there are definitely benefits of to each.

Growers do have the advantage of more protection. Since more of the penis remains under the skin and unexposed, a man’s nether regions will be more protected. While this may not seem like much of an advantage, it does keep one of the most sensitive parts of the body away from injury.

Can A Diet Change Help?

Let’s assume that you’re a grower – most people are. When you’re a grower, you might have a large penis, but it’s hidden away. This is fine once you get an erection and welcome your member into the room.

But you want to make that first impression really count.

Men have a reputation to uphold, and a large penis allows a man to confidently drop his pants in the bedroom. Diet changes can do a lot for you in the penile department, but a change in diet won’t cause you to go from a grower to a shower.

What a diet change will do is allow you to get and maintain an erection with much greater ease.

The ease of an erection is caused by foods that increase blood flow in the body. Men are choosing supplements that include foods that are good for circulation because it allows them to get an erection a lot easier.

A healthy diet will also help shrink your waistline. When a waistline shrinks, it can make the penis appear far bigger than it was when you were heavier. The loss in weight is also a confidence booster, helps a man increase his stamina and is healthier overall.

So, while a diet isn’t enough to turn you into a shower, it will definitely give the appearance that you have a larger penis.

How to Become a Shower

A lot of initial research indicated that a grower or shower was stuck with their penis type based on genetics. But there are a lot of men that are changing this theory by testing out different methods of enlargement.

Penis enlargement has been able to stretch out the penile tissue, causing the fibers to tear and the penis to grow as a result.  If you are a grower, you already know that you have serious stretching potential.

Why not tap into that potential and improve your flaccid size.

What many of these men don’t realize is that the penis tissue stretches, causing the penis to appear much bigger when flaccid. While you may not be as big as a person that’s a natural shower, this doesn’t mean that you won’t notice a huge difference in size and confidence.

A lot of men turn themselves into showers allowing them to enjoy the large first impression that some women prefer.

But you’ll need to engage in some form of penis enhancement if you want to go from being a grower into a shower – or a semi-shower even.  Physically training you penile tissues is proven to work.    If you are committed and train wisely, you will see the difference.