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PeniMaster Pro (PMP) is a penis enlarger that is an updated and expanded version of the original  non-pro edition. This model comes with several different upgrades, but it we’ll get to that soon. Let’s take a look at what really makes this “expander” different.

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What Makes the PeniMaster Pro Different?

PeniMaster is considered an expander, and it’s a little different than you’re typical extension device.

Pulling force generation is used to help extend the penis and make it bigger, and the device works with a self-adapting connection.

Perfect for users of all ages, this device elongates the penis uniformly.

Other devices can’t say the same. The device affixes to the glans and pulls in the ideal position.

When you choose the pro model, there are several methods that can be chosen to generate force, including rods or even belts.

The way this product works is ingenious:

  • The extender applies gentle force to the penis.
  • The force is applied over several hours per day.
  • New penile cells are forced to grow.

And when these new cells appear, the penis starts to grow longer and thicker as a result. It’s the same basic concept almost all penile extenders follow but with the different options for wear, it works far better than most 1 dimensional devices.

The difference is that the PeniMaster Pro looks and acts a lot different.

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I won’t go through all of the details on how to use this extender because the company has been kind enough to include a:

  • Manual guiding you through the entire setup process.
  • DVD, which walks you through proper usage of this device.

What’s really unique is that there’s a pump that helps you stretch your penis to the limit, and this will also force more blood into the penile tissue to thoroughly expand and extend the penis.

PeniMaster Pro Packages and Recommendations

If you’re going to buy the PeniMaster, don’t wait to purchase the complete package. The Pro comes in several different options, but the complete package:

  • Enhances results
  • Speeds up results

You’ll also find that the complete package is far more comfortable – a major bonus for extended wear needs. I never recommend skimping out on your extender, and there’s no need to when the price difference for the basic and complete package are negligible.

There are four PeniMasterPRO options to pick from:

  1. Basic: This is a no-frills system that includes everything you need to get started and costs minimally more than the traditional or classic version.
  2. Rod Expander System: The rod expander system includes everything the basic has to offer and also comes equipped with a rod pulling force generator. This rod system is much like SizeGenetics, and it allows you to refine the tension on the penis to gently pull and stretch the penile glans.
  3. Belt Expander System: The belt expander system comes with a belt rather than the rod. It allows for equal expansion of the penile glans while adding to the comfort and versatility of the extender.
  4. Complete Package: My favorite option is the complete package. When you choose this package, you get everything: basic, rod and belt expander system. This is by far the most versatile and highly recommended option because it allows you to choose and change your method of extension.

I chose the complete package because it’s the absolute best choice – unless you know you don’t like a rod or belt system.

When I first saw the expander, I thought it was a little different than what I was expecting. The device does have a lot of new features, mainly the design and pump that allows you to achieve maximum force on the penis.

Keep in mind that there are instructions and a DVD to help you better apply and use this device.

I recommend watching the DVD and reading the manual next to fully grasp how this product works.

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I’m going to be talking more about this device shortly, but I really want to share my results with you before I go any further.

PeniMaster Pro works, and this device is a life changer for men with small penises.

It can also help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or have bent penis syndrome.

Since I have experience with other devices, I wanted to jump right into my Penimaster testing so I started wearing it nearly 10 hours a day, seven days a week, so I am using it 70 hours in one week.  Consider this a stress test on the comfort of their unique system.

This is a massive amount of time, but I am committed to my growth, and you should be, too. With that said, the results after just two months were:

  • Starting at 5.75 inches in length and ending in 6.5 inches in length

I achieved a massive 0.75″ in length when erect after using this device for just two months, but I use it a lot, so you’ll find that results will vary from person to person.

After the first month, I noticed a visible and measurable difference in my penis size. We’re talking very impressive results for someone who has always wanted to have a little bragging rights down below.

Most people recommend going until the six-month mark, and I did use this extender for the entire six month period (generally 12 hours per day).

When I was finished with my test, I had gained a total of 1.2″ in length.

Overall, these are very impressive results considering I had already been using many other devices off and on for over a year already.

If this is your first foray into penis enlargement, it would be safe to assume that your results would be better than mine.   Many reviews for first time users report results of 1.5″ inches during the first 4 months of use. 

I gained over 20% in penile length in six months, and my girth also increased.  Aside from the comfort advantage, the increase in girth was the biggest difference from my experience with other “rod” style devices.  These are measurable results, and there’s a big difference in the bedroom, too.

Comfort and Time Worn

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Application and design are rather easy to follow, but what I did notice that really makes this device stand out from the competition is that:

  1. Comfort is unmatched. You’ll find that the PeniMaster has an extremely high comfort level that allows you to wear the device for hours and hours without getting sore or feeling any form of discomfort. Start off slowly and increase your wearing duration over time to see optimal results.
  2. Time worn. I can easily wear this device under certain pants without it being noticeable, but if you wear really tight pants, it will be somewhat noticeable. You can wear the device at night, but it’s very uncomfortable. I recommend removing the device at night unless you’re one of the select few people who find night wear comfortable. For me, I wore it daily but never at night – I move too much in my sleep.

I needed to order spare parts once, and the prices are super cheap, so this is another bonus. The company’s customer service will ask you questions and help you determine which part you’ll need to restore your expander.

And shipping has recently been revamped, according to reports from other reviewers.

The company decided to change their shipping so that it arrives within 5 days for most countries. This is very fast, and when you receive your package, it will be in a plain box so that no one knows that you ordered an extender.

In terms of privacy, this is one of the best PE companies I have ever tried.

I can’t recommend this product enough. It’s comfortable, durable and offers you a lot of options to help you achieve the penis girth and length you desire.

I was looking to gain length, and I increased my penis length by 1.2″ over a six-month period. But I also got much more than that. I noticed a few major things that really changed my life:

  • My confidence level is through the roof thanks to the increase in thickness.
  • I am able to hold an erection for much longer.
  • My partner is far more satisfied in bed than ever before.
  • My libido has increased likely due to the higher level of confidence.

If you’re struggling in the bedroom and want more than just penis and girth increases, this is the product for you.  The increase is girth impact on your confidence cannot be understate



PeniMaster Reviews

penimaster reviews

If you’re anything like me, you know that reviews mean a lot when you’re trying to better yourself. No one wants to buy a product that doesn’t work, so it makes sense to read reviews and maximize your purchasing power.

The crazy thing is that this penis extender has rave reviews all around.

Here’s what people are saying:

  • The best extender ever.
  • Loving the rod and belt combo.
  • Very comfortable. I wear it all day and take it off just at night.
  • Great customer service. I had a problem with my extender, and they quickly replaced it.
  • A little complicated at first, but very comfortable and provides fast results.

Everyone seems to have good thing to say about the PeniMaster Pro.

You’ll find countless reviews from real users that boast about the PeniMaster helping them achieve greater girth and a much longer penis,  too. It’s all about the potential to reach your maximum, genetic limit with your penis.

And you’ll have a lot to gain.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Increase in size when flaccid and erect
  • Improve erectile function
  • Increase libido

Your entire sex life will change thanks to the potency of PeniMaster. This is the ultimate device in penis extension, and it beats the competition every time in comparisons.

PeniMaster Pro vs the Competition

I’ve tried a lot of penis products in the past, and I can proudly say that this device is a lot different. Even at first glance, you’ll realize that the company has gone to great lengths to change the industry for the better.

A lot of pumps follow virtually the same design – not PeniMaster.   In essence, it takes the best features of the Phallosan Forte (belt & comfort sheath) and combines it with SizeGenetics rod based system.   If you have read up online, you know that a lot of guys have called this combination “PhalloGenetics” and they alternate and / or use the 2 devices together.  More on that later…

PeniMaster Pro vs Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte Gains

Phallosan is built on a very similar concept, and it also has a belt option.

When comparing the two, you need to compare the Pro with the belt option to even the playing field. The main difference is the amount of force produced by the Pro.

The Pro includes several options and has a pump to maximize the force applied to the penis.

The Phallosan doesn’t produce the same level of pull with their vacuum system, which may appear to result in slower, less prominent gains.   However, we find that the Phallosan is the easiest to wear for extended periods and this makes it the #1 choice for penis enlargement.

Both products work, but the Pro wins out due to maximum tension which helps in the girth and length departments.

Where to Buy the PeniMaster

I was super tempted to buy my PeniMaster Pro on eBay, but then I thought of a few things. First, if the item is used, this is just not for me. I know it may be a personal thing, but there’s no way I am going to use a penis extender that someone else used.  Nope.

And then I thought about and read about all of the knock-offs that are coming from eBay that don’t work at all. If I am going to spend money on a device, I want the real thing – not a fake one that doesn’t work.  I certainly would not advise taking a risk like that.

There’s also another issue that a lot of people overlook: warranty.

If you want the full warranty, you must buy your PeniMaster from the manufacturer. Trust me when I tell you that it’s better to have peace of mind when making your order than to worry about a knock-off or scam.


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PeniMaster Pro Review
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