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Penis Stretching Routine & FAQ

Before you get started with any penis stretching program, you want to be able to give yourself the best chance for success.  Our routine guide and frequently asked questions should provide you with a foundation to avoid common mistakes and give yourself and the best chance for growth.

Penis Enlargement FAQ

How To Put On Your Device

So … you’ve just ordered your very first penis extender—or you are planning on doing it soon. Sweet, you have taken your first step toward increasing your penis size!

But what do you do when you get your discreet package in the mail and un-box it? How do you put this thing on and take it off? How do you adjust it for the right level of traction? How long do you need to be wearing it?

You have a lot of questions. I’ve got answers.

In this comprehensive guide, I’m going to walk you through your entire penis extender routine, step-by-step. Let’s get started.

Getting Your Extender Adjusted Properly

First things first. Your daily routine is going to begin by putting on your penis extender, so let’s start by making sure you know how to do that and adjust it correctly.

Here are the basic steps:

1. Start with a flaccid penis. Do you have a particularly sensitive frenulum? If the answer is “yes,” you may want to grab a strip of soft cloth and wrap it around your penis beneath the glans a couple of times. This will make the extender more comfortable to wear. Otherwise, you can skip this step.

2. Check the strap on your extender. Make sure it is unattached on one side, preferably the side of your dominant hand.

3. Using your dominant hand, take hold of your penis under the glans. Use your other hand to direct your glans toward the extender’s cradle. Continue gripping beneath your glans while you pull the strap into place. It may take some experimentation to find the most comfortable positioning.

4. Now, use your non-dominant hand to hold the extender in place around your penis so that your dominant hand is free to secure the strap.

5. You now have the penis extender in place, and can focus on tightening it. Check the strap on both sides and adjust it if needed. Do not go overboard on this, or you will be sorry—just make sure that your glans is not going to slip out.

6. Now adjust the force so that you are getting a gentle tug. This should be enough to keep your flaccid penis at its full natural length with just a tad more reach. How much is a tad? About half an inch. If you are feeling actual pain, you have gone too far.

Penis Stretching Routines 101

A Practical Guide

Step-by-Step Penis Stretching Routine

Now you know how to put your penis extender on and adjust it. Nice! Let’s take a look at what your daily routine might look like. I say “might” because this is just one example.

Example #1

1. Use the bathroom when you wake up, and then put on your penis extender. Get dressed.

2. Head to the office and do your work as usual. Just keep wearing the extender.

3. During your lunch break, take it off. Use the bathroom and give yourself a little rest.

4. At the end of your lunch break, use the bathroom one more time and put the extender on again.

5. Wear the extender through the rest of your workday, and remove it when you get home.

6. Consider cleaning the extender if it has been a week or two since the last time you did it.

Again, this is just one way you can do it. I like this routine because once you are ready to chill in the evening, you are all done with the extender. Your work is complete, and you can truly unwind. Plus, this routine encourages you to use the device throughout the day.

Not everybody has a job where this is workable though. So you could take the opposite approach.

Example #2

1. Wake up in the morning, head to work, do your job, and come home.

2. Go to the bathroom, and then put on your dick extender on right away when you get in.

3. Go about your evening routine, take it off, and go to bed.

You will not be able to wear it as long with this routine, but at least you can use it in the comfort and seclusion of your own home. This means you can do things like apply heat if you want, which can make wearing the device more comfortable (and possibly more effective, according to some guys).

Technically, you can get away with wearing the extender for as little as an hour a day and seeing results. Just remember, the longer you can wear it each day, the faster you will achieve the gains you are aiming for.

Routine FAQ

Q: How much traction force to use?
A: Use just enough traction so that you are feeling a gentle stretch, not pain.

Q: How long do I need to wear it?
A: At a minimum, shoot for an hour a day. You can wear it up to 8 hours a day, but no longer than that. Plan to do this routine for at least six months.

Q: How much time is too much?
A: Anything that exceeds 8 hours a day is overdoing it, and is not safe.

Q: How many days off can I take?
A: A lot of guys who use a penis extender take off about 1 day a week. Give that a try, and adjust it if you need to.

Conclusion: Before Long, Using Your Device Will Be a Regular Part of Your Daily Routine

I must admit, that when you first start wearing a penis extender, it can feel like a lot of work to adjust it, and it may distract you. But before you know it, you will be so used to putting it on and wearing it that you won’t give it a second thought—until of course you start seeing the amazing results!

Can You Wear A Penis Extender While You Sleep At Night?

Curious if you can wear a penis extender while sleeping?

This actually works well for some guys, but for others, it will not be manageable.

If you tend to fall asleep with ease and slumber deeply, there is a good chance you will have no problem wearing it through the night. This may be the easiest and least obtrusive way to do it.

If on the other hand you need to be 100% comfortable in order to sleep well, you probably will find that the constant stretching sensation causes too much interference. If that is the case, it isn’t worth it to lose out on good sleep. Just stick with a daytime routine.

Plus, there is a safety issue—and that is that you cannot monitor blood flow in your sleep. For that reason, beginners may want to stick with using the device only while awake.

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What Is This Experience Actually Like?

Using a penis extender should never be painful. If you are in pain, you are doing something wrong, and should stop. If you cannot troubleshoot the issue on your own, you can always ask a doctor.

A lot of guys do find wearing a penis stretcher somewhat uncomfortable, mostly at the base of the penis. The actual stretch in the shaft is just like what you would feel stretching any other part of your body, but greatly reduced from what you are used to during exercise. This is one of the main reasons we recommend the Phallosan device too, it does not push on the base at all.

The first time you try putting on your extender, try wearing it for a while with zero traction. Just get used to the sensation.

Then start with just a little bit of traction. There is no reason to overdo it. Wear the device for no longer than an hour the first few times. Then start working your way up to longer time periods.

You may notice that the device becomes more and more uncomfortable as the day goes on. This should be expected. Stretching is a fatiguing activity. Naturally that will take its toll but stay committed to your goal.

Over time, though, as you get used to it, you should notice this less and less, and be able to wear the device comfortably for longer.
Action Tips:

  1. Never go for more than a gentle tug. A good rule of thumb is that you should be stretching your penis only around half an inch past its natural flaccid length.
  2. You can wear your penis extender for hours if you want. Just do not exceed 8 hours during a 24 hour period.
  3. Think about jelqing each day before you put on your extender. This can accelerate your gains and also provide a warm-up before stretching.
  4. Remember this is a long-term daily routine. You should use your extender for a minimum of 6 months.

Important Penis Extender Safety Pointers

  • Read and follow the directions carefully.
  • If you are feeling pain, stop what you are doing immediately.
  • Don’t tighten the device so much that you are cutting off circulation.
  • sure that your penis extender is staying clean.
  • If you want to sleep with a penis extender, do so at your own risk; you cannot monitor circulation this way. I do not recommend this for beginners.

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