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Power J Gym Jelq Device Review – A shortcut to Real Gains?

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Still jelqing manually? We’ll give you an A for effort but you might want to consider a upgrade.

We all know that jelqing is meant to increase your erection firmness, penis size and girth, but manual jelqing is old school; it will work, but there is a better way: the new and improved Power J Gym jelq device.

The Problem with Manual Jelqing

What’s the big deal with manual jelqing anyway? It works for sure, but there’s a lot of room for user error. We’ve all had those experiences where skin friction leaves our penises raw. Your mind might wander, or you may be trying to amplify your jelqing results with an extended session only to apply too much skin friction to your penis.

And let’s not get started with the problem of too much pressure.

If you’ve ever tried jelqing in the past, you know that too much pressure will leave your penis sore and uncomfortable.

It’s never fun to be aching below the waist.

This is where the jelq device by Power J Gym really shines.

When you use the Power J Gym, you’re going to be using an innovative device that is designed to help you:

  • Extend your penis’ length
  • Increase your penis’ girth
  • Harden your erections

Highly effective, a lot of people claim that the Power J Gym is just as effective as penis enhancement drugs.

And it’s also easy to use this device.

power j gym review

How to Use the Power J Gym

Jelqing, minus the pressure applied, is a rather simple process.

I don’t want to make jelqing any harder than it needs to be, so for me, using any jelq device needs to be just as easy.  This updated Penis Gym Power J is a game changer because it’s so easy to use this jelq device without the irration and friction that plagues other jelqing products .

Over 108,000 units have been sold, and a main reason is that it’s a device that’s really easy to start using.

You’ll use the Jelq device for 15 – 20 minutes per day, and you’ll use the device six days per week. One rest day is recommended per week, and you’ll start to see results in as little as three weeks. You don’t need to use lube either. In fact, the manufacturer advises against using any form of lube.

Jelqing Video

There’s a video on the manufacturer’s site that demonstrates how to use the jelq device, but it’s rather simple:

  1. Place your penis between the two rollers.
  2. Apply pressure to the handles with your hands.
  3. Start slowly and apply pressure while pulling the device from the base of the penis to the tip of the penis.

You’ll want to start jelqing when your penis is at an 80% erection, and over time you’ll start to see positive results.

Rollers keep the pressure applied evenly to the penis while also ensuring that the penis tissue is pulled – not the skin.

The device is durable, so there is no need to replace parts or worry about your jelq device breaking.

jelqing device

Since you’re applying pressure using rollers, you won’t be pulling on the skin as most people do when jelqing manually. This allows you to achieve maximum results without worrying about sore skin in the process.

You’ll never need to manually jelq again.

Power J Gym takes care of everything for you.

Jelqing Device Results

When using the Power J, you’ll be able to use it for just 15 – 20 minutes per day, but if you’re not seeing results as quickly as you’d like, you can use the device twice per day. The manufacturer guarantees that you’ll:

  • See 2X your workouts and gainsno lube or irritation involved
  • Increase your flaccid penis size
  • Increase your penis’ girth (thickness)
  • Increase erection size

And when compared to pills, it’s no contest – Power J Gym wins every time.

In one year, you’ll be able to increase length by 3 – 7 CMS, and circumference will increase by 2 – 5 CMS.

Results will vary, but the company claims that they’ve never had a complaint about the device not increasing length.

Power J vs the Penilizer

Penilizer is one of those devices that we want to trust, but reviews say that we shouldn’t. The reason is that the device simply doesn’t meet its claims. A lot of people have thrown out the device because it doesn’t work for them.

It’s a market that is filled with bunk products, and most users of the Penilizer claim that it’s simply not worth buying.


The Penilizer is a patented product, but it’s cheaply made. Even the website is terrible, and the company created a “vagina” that you slip your penis in and out of when jelqing. But it’s not able to compare with the Power J, which uses handles and rollers to be able to effectively jelq without pain or discomfort.

If you’re still jelqing manually, you’re doing it wrong.

You should be jelqing with the Power J Gym jelq device.

With over 108,000 happy customers, you can be sure that this device is the absolute best way to jelq, extending your penis size and enhancing your girth in the process. Some users are even seeing results in as little as 3 weeks.

You’ll never want to use your hand to jelq again.

And you’ll see results that are faster and more effective.

Power J Gym
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