Does The ProExtender System Work?


The ProExtender is one of the original extender devices that was first introduced in 1994.   The device was a big hit upon release and quickly grew in popularity because it was created by a famous surgeon and then sold to the general public.

There are even times when the ProExtender System was recommended by physicians and hospitals to patients who wanted a thicker, longer penis or patients with a crooked penis.

Doctors and hospitals recommended this product when a man is suffering from one or all of these problems (micro penis, crooked penis or thin penis).

In Spain this device is still used extensively. We want to find out if it’s worth the expense or if there are better options available 24 years after the original release.

ProExtender Reviews

When you dig deep into this product, you’ll find that there’s no denying that it works well. Spain has truly adopted this product, with 60 hospitals and clinics recommending it to thousands of men. Physicians in 29 countries recommend this product to patients.

And no doctor will recommend a product that doesn’t work out of fear of damaging their reputation.

How The ProExtender Works

The ProExtender

Millions of men across the world can benefit from a penis extender, and this product works through a technique called traction. Penis traction is accurate and gradually increases over time to add traction, or tension, to the penis.

When this occurs, the tension will stretch the penile tissue to force a healing effect to occur.

This is where the real magic happens.

Traction will:

  • Force a gentle stretch of the penis
  • Cause cell division to occur
  • Kickstart the healing process

Essentially, you’ll be forcing the cells to divide and heal in the penis tissue much like you do when you curl a barbell. The end result, which happens over the course of months rather than days, is a longer, thicker penis.

It’s a safe and effective way to ensure:

  1. Penis growth
  2. Girth growth

Men who suffer from curvatures in their penis can also benefit from this device. The gentle tension forces the penis to straighten over time, resulting in not only penis straightening but length and girth increases, too.

Extensively tested, the way this product works on the physical level is simple, too:

  • Slide the penis in the device
  • Attach the comfort strap
  • Adjust the tension bars

It’s really that simple. You can even order this product online and can have it shipped right to your door. You’ll quickly be on your way to having a thicker, longer penis.


ProExtender Results

What I do like about this extender is that it’s a concrete method of penis enlargement that doesn’t require surgery or any other form of risky enlargement. There’s a lot of potential for penis growth without surgery, and ProExtender amplifies this penis growth further.

Of course, natural methods are the best methods of penile enlargement.

And you never need to worry about scarring or other complications than can have a negative effect on your sex life forever.

Studies conducted on this penis extender included:

  • 18 patients
  • Ages 23 – 47

The Routine

Patients had traction increased from 900 – 1000g for the first week to 1000 – 1200g for weeks 2 – 24, with a total of 8 – 24 weeks of treatment.

The patients used the device 12 hours per day, seven days per week.

There were follow-up screenings with doctors every two weeks.

Results were impressive:

  • 17% increase over 8 weeks
  • 21% increase over 16 weeks
  • 25% increase over 20 weeks
  • 29% increase over 24 weeks

So, a man that has a 5-inch penis will gain over 1.25 inches in just 24 weeks, or in as little as six months.

The results found that after 1,100 hours of 1200g traction force, a man’s penile increase, while flaccid, was as much as 0.75 inches. The lengthening process, over the period of a week, averaged 1.9 mm.

There’s no pain, surgery or scary risks involved with using a penis extender. This is a product that can change your life.

It really does work.

ProExtender before and after pictures are very promising.

ProExtender before and after results

These pictures show you that this is a product that works, and it’s an extender that anyone can start using today to begin stretching their penile tissue and allowing it to heal into a bigger, thicker penis.

The reviews from real people show that this study is rather consistent with the results people are experiencing regularly.

It’s essential to know that you won’t experience results automatically. You’ll start to see results after 4+ weeks, but before this, you’ll notice that you have longer erections and some users have also reported a higher volume of semen, too.

To be completely honest, there is a learning curve with any rod based device.  It needs to be “broken in” and it will take quite some time to get accustomed to the device being on your penis.  If you can accept this break in period, you can be confident in your results.

Long-term noose comfort can be tricky but with a few adjustments you can comfortably use the Proextender every day.


Upon initial release, a few customers reported that the discomfort increased over time with the strap only use.  This led the company to create their patented Comfort Strap that greatly reduced this issue.  In the 2000’s, the released a series of cushion pads (see image on right) that almost completely eliminates the initial discomfort.

We recommend starting out with the comfort pads (or use the sheath from the Phallosan extender).  

Comfort is a key to long term succes, so if you want to achieve long-term results, you must wear this penis extender at least 5 days per week.  Every day wear can really amplify the results but some users do great on 3 on / 1 off daily routine.

It’s a time tested, proven method that with both consistency and dedication will deliver lasting size gains.

The good news is that there’s a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the extender and don’t feel like it’s helping you reach your goal of a longer, thicker penis, you can return the product.

There are options that are more affordable, so you could potentially save money on a product that works just as well but that does not have the history behind the original product.   Newer designs made big jumps in comfort by addressing this issue with the attachment strap.

The Bottom Line

The ProExtender system does work.  For the price, it is a legit option to grow your penis.   With that said, the technology has been improved tremendously by the competition since 1994 and there are now more effective and most importantly more comfortable options available in 2018 if you can increase your budget.  If you are looking for the best bang for your bucks, this device will deliver real world results.

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