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  • The PHALLOSAN Forte is unique among the penis extenders on the market.
    Like a penis pump, it relies on vacuum technology rather than tension rods.
    This allows it to create increases in both length and girth.
  • $339.00
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  • The gold standard for 20+years.
    With a double your money back guarantee, an authentic medical device certificate and a number of endorsements from reputable medical professionals.
    Truly a life changing device.
  • $199.00
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  • Hands down the best penis pump on the market.. The Bathmate hydropump series comes with 60 day money back guarantee and their water based system delivers extreme comfort and power.
    Sessions only take 8-10 minutes for results.
  • $99.00

What is a Penis Extender?

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The first time you see a penis stretcher device, you are probably going to cringe in horror.  To some guys, these things look like medieval torture implements.

Don’t worry—they are not painful to use.  They just look intimidating.

We are not talking about penis extension sleeves either. 

what is a penile stretcher

Those are temporary and you simply slide them over your member. More like a sex toy versus something that can increase penis length for real.

The purpose of a penis extender should be pretty obvious—you use it to increase the length of your penis over an extended time period.

Note that most penis extenders do not increase girth (you need a vacuum pump or hybrid device for that- we recommend the Phallosan if girth is your main goal).

You need to wear a penis stretcher for an hour or more each day for a period of months before you see any significant gains.

If you do this with persistence though, you can add on an inch or two to your length.  Our experiments showed a direct correlation with duration of wear each day and increased cell division and thus faster growth.   That doesn’t mean to wear it for 24 hours a day, you have to be sensible.   If you can do 2.5 to 4 hours each day, that is the sweet spot for effective penis growth and increased blood flow.

And unlike the gains you get with a penis pump or vacuum extenders, these gains are permanent.

There are two basic parts to a penis extender device:

  • Elongation Bars or rods
  • Fastening points

There are two fastening points on a penis extender.  When you place the extender over your penis, the first fastens around the base of your penis, and the other fastens just ahead of the glans.

Along the side are rods which adjust the extender’s length over time.  From one extender to the next, there are some differences in the mechanics of how this works.  Some extenders are also a lot more comfortable than others to wear—and that is super important, since you will be wearing the extender daily for months.


How Do They Work?

The specific instructions may vary from penile traction device to device, so be sure to read the directions which come with your penis stretcher thoroughly before you get started.

penile extender before and after

That said, most penis traction devices work like this:
  1. Start out by prepping. One helpful tip is to do some jelqing (I’ll explain that in a little bit) to warm up. This will help to prevent injury and give you some extra traction (injuring yourself is unlikely, but you can never be too careful with your member). Then you may want to wrap a piece of gauze around your frenulum so that the extender won’t chafe against it (you may find this is unnecessary; it depends on the extender you buy as well as your comfort level).
  1. Insert your penis into the stretcher, and then secure the fastening points. While you should be fastening the device just above the glans, make sure that you are comfortable. You can add a tad more space if you need to between the glans and the fastening point.
  1. Finish tightening and securing the device. Ensure that you have a fit which is firm, but not constricting.
  1. Next, you will need to adjust the tension rods. Make sure you are exerting gentle tension. If you overdo it, you will risk injury, just as you would if you were stretching any other part of your body while working out. This is penis traction at work and don't take traction systems lightly. They work and will increase the size of your penis but it does not happen overnight. Slow and steady wins.
  1. Consider applying heat. Some guys say this gets them great results by helping with cell division. Personally, I find at the very least it can increase comfort, reduce soreness and improve penis extender safety overall.
  1. Find something to do. You need to wear the extender for at least an hour a day. You can wear it for several, if you prefer. During this time, just go about your day. Watch TV, work, or do something else that is not too active. You can walk around with the extender on, but obviously you want to keep movement to a minimum so you don’t loosen the device or the traction force.

Do Penis Stretchers Really Work?

I can answer this question in two words: Heck yes!

how does a penis extender work?

This Is The Goal.

But not all of them are created equally. I wasted close to $500 before I got the right device. Unlike most so-called “male enhancement” solutions on the market, penis extenders are doctor recommended, medically certified and backed by multiple scientific studies.

  • In this study, participants wore a penis extender for four hours a day for a period of six months. In the results, the researchers state, “After 6 months, the mean gain in length was significant,” and conclude, “Penile extenders should be regarded as a minimally invasive and effective treatment option to elongate the penile shaft.”

  • In another study, participants wore a hybrid penis enlarger stretcher device for 4-6 hours per day for two weeks and then 9 hours per day after that through the end of a three month period. The researchers concluded that the study “supported the efficacy of the device in increasing penile length.” Interestingly enough, these researchers also said that the results “suggested the possibility of glans penis girth enhancement using a penile extender.”

  • Penis extenders not only can help to increase length, but also correct Peyronie’s disease, where the penis has an unusual curvature. One study found that participants were satisfied with the penis traction treatment, which provided minimal curvature improvements while also adding length.

So the science is definitely there. In fact, doctors sometimes recommend penis extenders to their patients instead of surgery or other invasive treatments.

Not only did researchers in the studies above find that penis extenders worked, but they also discovered that patients tolerated them well and that they were safe to use for both flaccid length and erect length and girth.

Note that for a penis stretcher to work, you must buy a quality product and you must use it correctly. You must be willing to stick with it over a period of months for real penis length gains. Every guy I’ve met who tried a penis extender and didn’t get results was either using a crappy product or gave up way too early. Don't do that to yourself or your money. When you are buying a penis extender, look for clinical studies and choose a product that comes with a satisfaction guarantee. There are at least 3 clinically proven, comfortable to wear, extenders / stretchers available to order that offer money back guarantees.

How Much Do Penile Extenders Cost?

You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and buy a penis enlargement device. But can you afford one?

You may be surprised when you find out just how expensive penis extenders can be. But you really shouldn’t worry too much about the cost, and I am going to explain why. But first, let’s look at the price range you can expect.

The Typical Price Range for Penis Extenders

At the lower end of the market, you will find some devices tend to start out around $100—sometimes a little bit less. At the higher end, you can find models which cost more than $350. The majority of extenders fall somewhere in between.

At this point, you might be thinking, “Whoa, I am not even sure this is going to work … do I really want to spend $300 or more on a penis extender? That seems like a major outlay.”

There are two reasons why I think you shouldn’t worry about it. First of all, the best penis extenders are backed by 100% money back guarantees—so you are not really taking that much of a risk.

Secondly, a penis extender is a long-term purchase with permanent results. You will get months of use out of your extender, and a lifetime of value. Penis stretching is backed up by real scientific research. Used properly, they can deliver awesome results. So the cost is completely justified if you are serious about growing the size of your penis.

Does It Matter Which Device I Use?

Yes & No. Get The Best Penis Extender Your Budget Allows.

You might run into guys who say it doesn’t matter which extender you use, because the basic principles of how they work do not change from one model to the next.

While most penis enlargement devices do fundamentally operate in the same way, that does not mean that they are all equal in terms of quality. It does matter which extender you use. You get what you pay for, and the cheapest extenders cut corners in terms of comfort, ease-of-use, and more.

What You Should Be Looking For in a High Quality Penis Extender

When you are shopping for a penis extender, here are the features you should be on the lookout for:

  • Quality, durable design. You do not want to spend $100 on a model which is just going to break after a few months of use—that would be a waste of money. It is worth it to spend a bit more to make sure that you are getting a model you can use forever.
  • Length + girth. This is not a must, but if you want to boost both length and girth, you need to shop for an extender which makes this possible. Right now, the only extender on the market I know of which increases girth is the PHALLOSAN® forte. PHALLOSAN® forte isn’t cheap, but it is delivering double the value since it can give you these important gains.
  • Spare parts. There may be times when you need spare parts for your extender. Make sure that you are buying from a company that sells them separately and at a reasonable price. This is another thing I like about our top rated penis extenders. If you need parts or accessories, they have them and are readily available.
  • Comfort. You are going to be wearing your penis extender a lot —up to 8 hours a day. If you get a cheap extender which is uncomfortable to wear, you are going to regret it, and you might even give up on using it. So buy one which includes features for comfortable wear. I recommend SizeGenetics, which comes with a comfort pad and strap as well as the 58-Way Ultimate Comfort System (make sure to select the SizeGenetics Comfort Package or Ultimate System at checkout). This extender is so comfortable I sometimes forgot I had it on!
  • Adjustability. You also should buy an extender which is adjustable so that you can keep making use of it as your penis size increases. Here again I recommend the SizeGenetics Comfort Package or Ultimate System, which includes 3 sizes of elongation bars.
  • Useful extras. The more expensive penis extenders on the market usually include some freebies with your purchase. These might include moisturizers and powders, eBooks, DVDs, cleaning wipes, travel cases and so on. These can really enhance the value of your purchase when you are just getting started.
  • Money back guarantee. Finally, not all dick extenders include a money back guarantee. This is an important feature, and worth paying a little extra for instead of just hunting for the lowest penis extender cost. A company that stands behind its product is one which is focused on customer satisfaction.

As you can see, there actually is quite a bit more variation between penis extenders than you might have thought. There is a huge difference between a $100 extender that is cheaply made, has no guarantee, and comes with no extras and a $300 extender which is durable, comfortable, backed by a guarantee, and includes amazing freebies.

You are paying more for a $300 extender, but if you select the right product, you are also getting more for your money. That means your dollar is stretching further, which is exactly what you want.

Conclusion: Focus on Value, Not Cost.

You now are familiar with the price range you will encounter while shopping for penis extenders, and you have a better idea what kinds of features and benefits you can expect across that range.

I have investigated both the cheapest and most expensive penis extenders. I suggest reading my reviews for more insights into cost, value and quality. If you want to skip right to the good stuff, my two top recommendations are SizeGenetics and PHALLOSAN® Forte.

These are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive penis extenders out there, but based on their features and my experiences, I can say without a doubt that they deliver an unbeatable value and are the biggest bang for your buck.

Why Not Just Do Penis Exercises?

If you are looking to save some money, you are probably investigating other options for penis enlargement, one of which is an exercise known as “jelqing.”

What is jelqing?

It is a technique to enlarge your penis which has been in use for thousands of years. Jelqing may also be able to add girth. It is considered the best natural penis enlargement exercise. The overall natural size increase possible could range anywhere from 1.5" - 2" inches.

Jelqing is absurdly easy, and if you are doing it safely, it can be effective.
jelqing motion

Here is how to do it:

  • #1. Start by lubing up so you are more comfortable and less likely to injure yourself. Go with a safe, natural oil and apply liberally to your flaccid penis.

  • #2. Work toward a partial erection. Stop at around 50 - 75%.

  • #3. Make an “OK” sign with your thumb and index finger.

  • #4. Using the “OK” grip, start at the base of your penis and then move your hand toward your glans. Stop just before you reach it. Maintain light pressure throughout.

  • #5. Do that same motion repeatedly for around 10 minutes.

Jelqing definitely has its advantages. For one thing, it doesn’t cost you a dime. For another, it is fast and easy to learn how to do. Finally, there is the fact that it does work, and you can get great results with it.

It has some disadvantages too though.

To start with, there is the possibility that you could damage your penis. If you are careful, you will probably be just fine, but it isn’t like you can ask someone to show you how to do this. There is a lot more room for error with a manual exercise than there is with a penis extender device. Use the wrong pressure and you could end up permanently injuring yourself.

Then there is the issue of inconvenience. Jelqing for ten minutes a day is not a huge time commitment, but it certainly is one, and there are going to be days you are just too busy. Plus, it involves effort, whereas a penis extender does not. You just put it on and then go about whatever you would have been doing anyway.

So if you are going to try just one method or the other, I would definitely recommend a medical grade extender. Even though it is an expense, it works just as well as jelqing, plus it is backed by scientific research. It is safer since you are less likely to make mistakes, and it is easier, since the device does all the work.

An even better idea is to buy a penis extender and do some penis enlargement exercies like jelqing as part of your routine. If you know what you are doing with the jelqing, using it as a warm-up before putting on the penis extender can actually reduce the chances of injury. Like I said, those chances are super low to begin with—just follow the instructions and you will be fine. But warming up can also reduce discomfort while wearing the device and it can make the penis extender more effective for length and girth increases. The more you’ve loosened up, the more effective the traction is going to be.

Penis Extender Reviews

Size Doctor

Size Doctor Vacuum Extender Review

The Size Doctor extender can help you increase your penis size. Cock growth is possible. But what makes this vacuum extender tick? What resu...

My Experience

“It doesn’t matter what a man’s got … all that matters is what he does with it.”

Yeah right. Sure. We all believe that.

Penis Size Survey

Actually, I don’t know a single guy who buys that for one second. And if you’ve ever had a woman say that line to you, I am guessing you felt exactly like I did the first time I heard it—dejected.

Seriously, the harder a woman tries to reassure you that you have what it takes, the more you know that you don’t. Otherwise, why would she keep bringing it up?

The size of the average penis is 5.6 inches.

Personally, I always knew I was well below that average mark. However, it never really was a major concern of mine. I mean, it definitely bothered me but I was not consumed with getting bigger.

That changed when I started dating a girl I had been after for years and she cited that average size statistic to me after the third time we slept together, it crushed me. Hearing those words left a profound negative impact on my sexual wellness and confidence.

The message was clear: I’d somehow managed to score this amazing woman, and I couldn’t really satisfy her.

Mentally, that was the last straw for me and the self doubt started creeping in. The relationship didn’t last very long after that, and I was soon back in the dating pool. I thought I could just deal with it and move on, but then it happened again, with another woman.

“Size doesn’t matter,” she said offhandedly the first time I got her back to my place.

Well, I couldn’t even get it up after that as I instantly started worrying about how I measured up. The mental aspect it was the worst. And actually this mental part was the start of a whole other issue for me—erectile dysfunction induced from a lack of confidence.

I tried to reassure myself that I’d just had bad luck, but then I read this study, which revealed that women really do prefer larger-than-average penises.

So my smaller-than-average penis? That definitely wasn’t enough.

I had to find a solution. Thus that started my journey to a bigger penis. Surgery wasn’t an option—I didn’t want to do anything invasive and potentially dangerous and who has that much cash available? Certainly not me and that was never a serious option.

So I started looking into alternatives, starting with male enhancement pills and creams and the like. I quickly figured out that pretty much everything I was looking into was snake oil and wasn’t going to do anything except make me go broke.

So that led me into checking out penis pumps and penis extenders. Penis pumps actually are useful for increasing girth and size, but only temporarily. The can also be quite dangerous and have put lots of people in the emergency room.

Penis extenders on the other hand actually have the potential to add permanent length to your member—but only if you buy a good one.

What I learned in my experience is that finding a legit extender was quite challenging.

I did a ton of research while I was shopping for my first penis extender. To date, I’ve tried out over 6 different devices. After several false starts, I found one which works ridiculously well, but along the way, I noticed something about the vast majority of penis extender review sites.

They flat-out suck. Pun really not intended.

If you have been hunting around for the best penile enlargement device, I’m sure you’ve noticed this.

A lot of these sites just push the next big thing. That or they rate every product under the sun and give everything a glowing recommendation.

That is totally not cool. I think it’s pretty obvious why it happens.

These people who run these lame review sites are looking to make a quick buck promoting lousy products. You see it in every industry and while that is fine for body building supplements or the latest weight loss craze.

When you are talking about your penis size you do not deserve to get dicked around.

A penis extender should be a one-time expense that changes your life for the better. But I’m not going to dance around the fact that it’s a substantial purchase. You really should not have to guess about whether the extender you buy is going to work or not! With that said, you truly get what you pay for and you need to have realistic expectations about that.

Frankly this drove me crazy when I was shopping for my first device.

With so many hard-sells out there, I didn’t know what to believe or who to trust. Did penis extenders work at all, or was this just another snake oil pitch? If they did work, how did I find one which was going to be safe and effective?

I felt totally lost and after my first 2 purchases turned out to be garbage I was close to giving up.

But I did finally find the product that worked for me, and I am now happy to say I no longer have a below average penis. I managed to tack on nearly two whole inches so far in length and over a full inch in thickness.

But you know what? That wasn’t enough for me.

The experience changed my life and confidence 100%.

In hindsight, I never fully understood that my lack of size had impacted my life so deeply that but it did. It robbed me of confidence and of opportunities I could have had but wasn’t confident enough to make a run at.

To be blunt, I didn’t want other guys to have to go through what I did, wasting money and time on inferior products and risking injury (looking at you BathMate). The discouragement and potential dangers from knock off devices are real and could take a bad situation and make it much worse.

That’s why I put this site together. To help you cut out the chase and go directly to the top rated products.

Even after I finally starting seeing the size increase I was aiming for, I kept researching the various penis extenders on the market to find out which ones work and which ones don’t.

To my surprise, the industry keeps evolving and there are some genuine game changing devices on the market.

In fact, my routine now involves multiple extenders. I like to change up the routine every month or two between 2 devices in terms of hours worn and jelqing.

Before you make any purchase, make sure you know the basics and what your money is going towards. Our goal at PenisExtenders.com is to give you this 101 introduction, to tell you everything you need to know about your options, how they work and if they might be the right solution for your size problems!

What Do They Feel Like To Wear?

You should feel a sensation of gentle tension, but nothing painful. If you do feel pain, you did something wrong, and you should stop immediately, rest and recover if necessary, re-read the instructions, adjust the traction force and try again.

The first time you wear the device, it probably will feel a little weird, just because you are not used to it. I recommend only wearing it for an hour until you start getting used to how it feels. You can then start wearing it for longer and longer periods of time.

I started out wearing mine for just an hour a day. I wondered how I would ever get used to it the first few days, but gradually I learned to ignore it. By the end of the second week, I was barely aware of it while I was wearing it, and sometimes forgot I even had it on. At that point wearing it for longer periods of time was almost effortless. Eventually I was like a size doctor and could wear itfor 3-4 hours a day without even thinking about it.

If you get a high-quality enlargement system, especially those with a penis sheath or comfort strap, your experience should be much the same. You will get used to wearing the device quickly, and before long, you will just be going about your life while the penis enlargement device gradually adds length and girth to your penis!

It took me several weeks before I started to really notice results, so you have to be patient and committed with this. After eight months, I had added on around two inches to my total length. I can’t even tell you how amazing it is to take out a ruler and see that kind of progress!

  • Best For   
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  • Girth & Comfort

  • 67 Review(s)

  • The PHALLOSAN Forte is unique among the penis extenders on the market.
    Like a penis pump, it relies on vacuum technology rather than tension rods.
    This allows it to create increases in both length and girth.
  • $339.00
  • Warranty & Straightening

  • 52 Review(s)

  • The gold standard for 20+years.
    With a double your money back guarantee, an authentic medical device certificate and a number of endorsements from reputable medical professionals.
    Truly a life changing device.
  • $199.00
  • Best Pump

  • 7 Review(s)

  • Hands down the best penis pump on the market.. The Bathmate hydropump series comes with 60 day money back guarantee and their water based system delivers extreme comfort and power.
    Sessions only take 8-10 minutes for results.
  • $99.00
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