Why Is My Penis Small?

Why Is My Penis Small?

  If you have a small penis, you’re probably wondering: what gives? A lot of men have average or large penises, and here you are, stuck with a small...

Phalogenics Review

  News Flash:  Size matters to a man. I know plenty of women have told me that I am the perfect size, yet I am convinced that they have no idea what ...
penis shrinkage

Do Penises Shrink with Age?

You're getting wrinkles. The candles on your birthday cake barely fit. Old age sucks. But it gets even worse. Your penis will begin to shrink – or does it? We'v...
is a penis a muscle

Is The Penis a Muscle?

The penis may be known as the “love muscle,” but is it really a muscle? Actually, the answer is “no.” In fact, not only is the penis not a muscle, but it ...
micro penis

What is a Micro Penis?

Small penises are not the same as a micro penis. The micro penis, by definition, has been classified as a penis that's: 5 deviations below the mean size ...

Are Penis Weights Worth The Risk?

  Penis weights sound like something out of a horror movie. I mean, the mere thought of putting a weight on my penis makes me cringe. Nonetheless, there...
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penis shrinkage
Do Penises Shrink with Age?
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