how to measure your penis size without cheating

How to Measure Your Penis Size

You’ve turned into a man. Real men face down their biggest fear – a small dick – and start doing something about it. But even if you plan on using a male enhancement device, you’ll still want to know where you started.

If you don’t know where your true baseline is, you’ll never be able to understand your true growth.

And before we begin, we need to answer one small question (no pun intended).

What is Considered a Big Dick?

What is Considered a Big Dick?

When you think of a big dick, you’re likely thinking: Ron Jeremy. When you think of the “hardest working” man in the porn industry, it’s always Ron. He might be out of the industry spotlight, and no offense to Ron, but he didn’t get into the industry on looks alone.

Sure, he was a pretty built guy when he was younger.

But even in his older years, he has been a screen icon because his dick is massive.

When he was asked about his size, he once commented “two inches from the floor.” A comedian at heart, his answer wasn’t too far off. Ron’s “stats” are said to be 9.75,” which is huge by any damn standards.

There are bigger men, but not many.

Us average men need to look at the average size.

What’s the average size penis?

It really depends. There are certain countries where men have larger penises in general:

  • Women from the Republic of Congo are limping their way out of the bed, with the average man boasting a 7.1″ penis.
  • Ecuadorian woman can be seen with ice packs on their vagina because their men average 7.”

But again, these men are an anomaly – whew, I was hoping to write that sooner or later.

A study (finally, some cold, hard facts) found that the average penis size among all races fell between 5.5″ and 6.2.” The study included some 15,000 men, so it’s rather unbiased and a good starting point to find the average penis size.

Even more interesting is that just 5% of men had a penis size of more than 6.3.”

Where does this leave you?

If you fall between the 5.5″ and 6.2″ range, you’re in the average range. Even at 6.2,” you’re still bigger than most men.

Anyone curious what a “big dick” is considered can be pretty confident with the 6.3+” mark.

Men who are looking down at their penis thinking “damn,” may think about fibbing a little when they do their measurements. It’s common to want to be the dominant male that boasts about his penis size, but you need a real baseline.

Lying about the size of your penis won’t hurt anyone but you.

If little Johnny is 4.9″ long, write it down. There’s no shame in it. And you don’t need to go around showing everyone how big or small your penis measurements are anyway.

Okay, okay if you’re like the men in Congo, you do have a lethal weapon in your pants that does deserve some bragging rights. But for most of us mere mortals, we don’t have a legendary penis size that will leave women with their jaws on the floor.

Not yet anyway.

Let’s take a look at how to measure your penis properly, so you’re not left wondering about your true size.

How to Measure Your Penis Size

How to Measure Your Penis Size

A penis ruler would come in handy, but they would be off, too, if you didn’t know how to measure properly. Most men will measure from the tip of their penis to the start of their testicles, leaving several inches off in the process.

Don’t be one of these men.

You’re going to need to do a few things before you get started. First, you’ll need to a get a ruler of some sort. A penis ruler can be anything from a regular ruler to a tape measurer. You want to make sure that the end, which will touch the groin, is not sharp.

Now, it’s time to check the house to make sure no one is home or will interrupt you.

If you have siblings, kids, a wife or anyone who may come barging in, you’ll want to go into the bathroom and lock the door. You’ll need to be naked, so find somewhere that you can get a bit of privacy before measuring out in the open.

Note: If you have a lot of pubic hair that’s getting in the way, you’ll need to trim up a bit. A nice, good trim will allow you to get a better overall measurement.

Remember, no cheating.

There are two measurements we’re going to make:

  • Girth: A measurement of girth – or how large your penis is around. This often matters more than length for some women because it provides a greater stretch.
  • Length: Penile length is how long you are from the base of your groin to the tip of your penis.

So, let’s get started.

Measuring Girth

I like to start with measuring girth because it’s a lot easier than measuring length. When you measure girth, you’ll want to follow these few steps:

  1. Use a soft measurement tool or a piece of string
  2. Find the thickest part of your penis
  3. Wrap the measurement tool around it

You’ve measured your girth.

If all you have is a piece of string, use the end as the starting point and pinch your finger where the string ends to measure it on a ruler. It’s a nuisance to do it this way, but you’ll be able to find the girth of your penis.

Measuring Length

It’s time to measure the length of your penis. This is a great measurement because it tells you how deep you can penetrate to reach her spot. Of course, there’s also bragging rights for having a larger dick, which is always nice.

Every man wishes women blushed every time their pants came off.

Anyway, you’ll want to:

  1. Place the ruler on the groin. Push any hair aside if needed.
  2. Push the ruler firmly into the area of the skin where the penis attaches to the groin.
  3. Measure the penis size up to the tip of the penis.

And if you did this with a flaccid penis and want to cry, don’t worry: we all make mistakes. You need to measure your penis when erect to find the measurement we’re after. The flaccid penis will be dramatically smaller in size than a fully erect penis.

If you’re doing jelqing exercises or you’ve decided to try a penis extender or another male enhancement product, you’ll want to measure yourself weekly to see if you have any solid results.

The only tangible method of determining if any form of enhancement is working well for you is to measure yourself often. Always remember that the results are often slow-going, so you’ll want to start measuring after the first month or two of enhancement has completed.

I recommend making a chart and adding to it every time you see results.

Oftentimes, it takes 3+ months to see the fruits of your labor when trying anything for male enhancement, so don’t be discouraged if your results are lackluster even after a month. If male enhancement was immediate, every man under the sun would be doing it.