what is a penis pump

Penis Pumps 101

Penis pumps offer a valid, medically proven way to help a person extend the size of their penis. Pumps have been used for

decades, but a lot of men don’t know much about the devices they use to produce male enhancement.

We’re going to cover two main topics: do penis pumps really work and are they worth the risk?

Before you start trying to enhance your member, you need to have a full understanding of how, in a scientific manner, these pumps work.

What is a Penis Pump?

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A penis pump’s main goal is to propel penis growth. If you have a smaller penis, you’ve definitely thought about your penis

size. Thoughts of possible enhancement race through the minds of men across the globe every day.

And that’s what a penis pump offers: penile and girth growth.

When you hear the word “penis pump,” you’re talking about a pump that uses suction to force blood to the head of the penis.

Many of these devices are medical devices, and a select few actually have a medical certification, too.


How Do Penis Pumps Work?

Penis pumps are simple to use, and they include a few basic parts that make up most pumps on the market, including:

  • Cylinder
  • Gaiter

The cylinder is where the penis is inserted.

The gaiter is the rubber bottom which is pumped against the skin to cause a vacuum seal. When the penis is inside the chamber, pumping will cause more pressure application to the penis, forcing blood

deeper into the penile shaft to offer adequate penile stretching.

Forcing blood into the penis’s chambers is what causes the growth on the scientific level.


The Science Behind Penis Pumps

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The anatomy of the penis plays a key role in the way penis pumps work. Scientists focused on the three large chambers of the penis to increase size.

The penis contains three main chambers:

  1. Corpora Cavernosa
  2. Corpus Spongiosum

If you’re wondering where the third chamber is mentioned, it’s not. There are two corpora cavernosa chambers with both on top but one closer to the head of the penis.

These chambers fill with blood when a man is aroused.

While a man can get erect on his own, it’s often difficult or impossible to maintain this erection for an extended period of time. A penis pump includes a tube that’s placed over the shaft of the penis and comes in contact with the man’s skin near the groin area.

[alert-note]A vacuum seal is created when the pump is pumped.[/alert-note]
vacuum seal

The importance of the vacuum seal is that it forces the blood into the penis and traps it in the genitals so that the blood is maintained through the shaft of the penis. A solid, very hard erection is maintained thanks to the suction power of the penis pump.

As a man progresses through using these pumps, he will begin to increase the pressure on the penis to ensure future growth.

Over time, the penile tissue will expand, allowing more blood to flow into the penis naturally. The allowance of more blood in and of itself allows the penis to get harder and be longer when erect.

But imagine inflating a tire, if you will. A tire has a certain amount of PSI that can be pumped into it based on the recommended value.

Your car tire may call for 30 PSI, and if you inflate the tire to 31 or 32 PSI, it may stretch the rubber. Over time, the rubber will maintain this stretch, but if you pump it too much, the tire will pop.

The same idea is true when using a penis pump – you can cause blood vessels to rupture.

[alert-warning]So, this brings us to the debate of pumps vs stretchers.[/alert-warning]

Pumps are time-tested, and they work, but just as with air going into a tire, if you do it improperly, there are risks of injuring your penis in the process. We’ll be covering this in-depth later on in this article, but for the time being, it’s important to know the options you have available to you.

The best penis pump currently on the market is probably the Penomet, and this device uses:

  • Pressure gaiters
  • Cylinders

Through the use of gaiters, pressure is applied to the penis in a safer manner.

But when you consider penis stretchers, these devices make a lot more sense. A stretcher will apply tension to the penis to cause penile tissue to have small tears that heal and re-tear to cause eventual cell division and growth.

They eliminate the risk of over-doing the blood pressure in your dick- that is all too common with pumps.

SizeGenetics, a true medical grade device, is superior because it not only acts as a stretcher, but it has underwent severe testing to ensure that the device is up to medical standards. This is for your safety, so it’s a big deal and one that should sway your opinion when trying to decide between multiple products.

Studies That Show Penis Pumps Work

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Penis pumps have been around for a long time. People have been trying to find ways to increase their penis size for decades, so there have been some studies done in the area. When considering penis pumps, you have to look at the studies available to you and come to your own conclusion on whether or not they’re worth the risk of trying.

Millions of men have tried these pumps, and some have suffered from side effects that cause swelling, bruising and severe pain.

There’s always a risk when using a penis pump.

But you need to determine if the risk is worth the reward. For most men, the risk of having a bigger, thicker penis is worth the potential of bruising and swelling. A few penis pump studies that are cited often are:

  1. Translational Andrology and Urology: Translational Andrology and UrologyThis is an interesting study that looked at vacuum erectile devices on people who had surgical treatment for prostate cancer. Complications following treatment often include erectile dysfunction and shrinkage. The study found that penis pumps improved the men’s erectile dysfunction and preserved penile size. More importantly, the study showed that these devices are safe to use and tolerable when applied properly.
  2. British Association of Urological SurgeonsBritish Association of Urological SurgeonsA study conducted by Italian researchers at the University of Turin found that 109 men reported an average of 1.8cm growth in flaccid penis size, while another found an extra 2.3cm growth in penile size. The study found that penis pumps are most effective when used over a period of 6 months.The study didn’t find the thickness of the penis to increase; just the length, which is an interesting find.

These two studies point to the validity of the penis pump to help with certain penis issues as well as with enhancing penis length. But they’re not the only studies done on the penis pump.

There are studies and reports that aren’t in favor of the penis pump often due to side effects that can occur with improper usage.

We’ll be covering all of the side effects and potential risks of penis pumps in depth in just a moment…


Treating Impotence vs. Enlarging Your Penis

Enlarging your penis is often the goal of using a penis pump. When the majority of men want to have a longer penis, it makes sense that most men try to elongate their penis. Penis pumps have the ability to help a man increase his penis size – this is proven.

All penis pumps claim to increase penis size as a major selling point of their product.

[alert-success]The average size gains that people experience are 1″ – 3″. [/alert-success]

Of course, every man is different, and this may be more or less than the average listed above.

But, many men can treat impotence with the use of a penis pump.

I’m going to be honest here: sex is mental. When a man can’t get an erection, oftentimes, this is caused by a mental issue. Embarrassment of having a small penis, low self confidence and the like can lead to a man being impotent.

When your penis is bigger, you’ll benefit from higher self-esteem, which often eliminates these mental blocks that cause impotence.

You’ll also find that penis pumps help:

  • Decrease impotence
  • Prevent impotence

The reason this works is because you’re forcing blood into the shaft of the penis. Think of this as an exercise that is building up the penis’s ability to get an erection. And it makes a lot of sense. If you were to use your pump every day, you’ll find that you’re able to get an erection with greater ease.

[alert-announce]Confidence building is incorporated into the mix, so this does make a big difference for men, too.[/alert-announce]

If you have the same mental blocks, there’s a chance that your impotence won’t change at all. But what most men experience is that they’re able to get hard with the pump on, and this boosts confidence and allows a man to know that he can get an erection.

When you’re able to get an erection and you know that it’s possible, it becomes instantly easier.

The neat thing is that penis pumps can be medically certified.


How Do Penis Pumps Get Medical Certification?

are there any FDA approved penile pumps

Every industry and many countries or regions have their own certifications and certification requirements. There are numerous certifications these products can obtain, including:

  • CE Marking: A CE Marking certification ensures that a product meets the requirements set forthwithin the EU legislation. This means the product can move freely within European markets. This allows products to meetquality standards and eliminates products getting stuck in customs.
  • SGS Certification: An SGS certification is a certification done by a body of inspection,verification and testing. These certifications will ensure that the product meets silicone compliance and certifies that aproduct is toxin-free.
  • FDA Approved: A device that’s FDA approved means that it’s safe and effective. This doesn’t meanthat the product claims are 100% truthful, and it’s possible that future evidence will provide a different view of theproduct. But, FDA approval does show that the company has submitted their product to the FDA and has been examined for safety.
  • Certified Medical Device: Medical device certification is often given to products through theEuropean Union. These devices fall under Medical Device Directives 93/42/EEC and covers the device’s safety and efficacy. Thisis similar to FDA approval, and studies provided by the manufacturer are considered to allow for approval.

Different countries have the right to offer their own medical device certification, so be sure to research what the requirements are for certification of penis pumps based on the certification listed.

Who Can Benefit The Most From Penile Pump Devices?

Certifications, studies and user reviews state that penis pumps can help men achieve a longer, harder penis. While the debate over a penis pump and extender will rage on since they both produce great results, it’s safe to say that pumps do have some safety issues, which will be a concern for users.

But every device has safety issues, albeit the penis stretcher eliminates many of these issues.

Men need to make up their mind whether or not the risk is worth the rewards. The rewards are almost always penile related, and the people that benefit the most from penis pumps are:

  1. Men Who Want A Bigger Penis: If you’re a man with a smaller penis, a pump will allow you to extend the size of your member. Men whoare 8″+ may find little use of these devices, but most men with average or below average penis sizes have found great success with penis pumps and their ability to extend the penis to make it longer and thicker in many cases.
  2. Men With Micro Penis Syndrome: A micro penis is small – very small. Medically,a man with a micro penis will have an erect penis that is 2.8″ or smaller in size. This smaller penis leads to a lack of self-esteem and also results in many men having low sperm counts, infertility issues and decreased fertility.
  3. Men With Peyronies Disease: Men who suffer from peyronies disease suffer from penile curvature caused by scar tissue thatforms under the penile skin. The scar tissue causes the penis to begin to bend, resulting in severe penile curvature in most cases. Pumps can help men suffering from curvature issues, but if the curvature exceeds a certain level, these devices are often ineffective.

Every penis pump is different, and in the case of men with micro penises, it’s important to discuss your issue with a representative and ask if their pump can help. Men that have severely small penises may not be able to use a pump if the penis is too small.

Specialized pumps do exist, and these pumps are designed to help the man struggling with a penis that’s too small to fit into a normal cylinder.

If you believe that you can’t perform well in bed or you can’t satisfy your partner because your penis is too small and not hitting just the right spot, you’ll want to consider a penis pump or a penis stretcher to help you overcome your penis length issues.

Did you know that a bigger penis makes it easier to hit her G-spot?

Men who can’t make their partners orgasm often can’t hit their partner’s G-spot. A longer penis allows you to go deeper, allowing for a greater level of pleasure and a higher chance of orgasm.


What Results Can You Realistically Expect from a Penis Pump?


One question that’s always asked by men before using a penis pump is: are gains permanent?

And while the gains can be permanent, it’s important to understand how these pumps work in the short-term and long-term.

When you apply pressure to the penis, the body will react by causing the penis to swell.

The first time people use a penis pump, they’ll be excited because they’ll notice that their penis looks bigger already. It’s a revelation, but it’s a false one. See, the body will begin to swell due to the pressure caused by the penis pump.

So, you may be bigger the first day or few weeks of usage, but this is because the penis has swelled.

Your partner will notice this swelling, too – and it’s a lot of fun to know what it’s like to have a bigger penis. You won’t be able to achieve these swell forever, but you can achieve a lot of the length gains rather than the girth gains that you’ve experienced.

A man who wants to increase his penis size – every man – can gain:

  • 1-inch in size on the low end
  • 3-inches in size on the high end

There’s a limit to how much you can grow, and this changes with every person. You can tweak that somewhat with male enhancement pills and HGH supplements but , most people will fall between these two extremes, with many men experiencing 1.5″ gains on average. On the other extreme, there are a few men who won’t respond to using a penis pump, but this is rare and little statistics are provided for better clarification.

If you want to experience permanent gains, you need to use your penis pump for a minimum of one month. This information is provided by Penomet, but other studies show that six months of usage provides the best results and ensures that the results won’t go away. Our real world studies show that you need to stick with your routine for at least 3 months.

Consistency is crucial and you don’t want to half ass this.

[alert-warning]You need to be in it for the long haul to be able to achieve your true penis potential.[/alert-warning]

Penis pumps aren’t going to provide long-lasting results if you only use them haphazardly. If you use it for a week and stop for two before returning, you’ll be restarting the process over, which isn’t what you want to do.

If you’re consistent and stick to the recommendations of the product manufacturer, you’ll be able to achieve results.

Penis Pump Dangers and Risks

penis pump injury

Penis pumps are dangerous, and there are risks when applying so much force to your penis. Keep in mind that your penis is one of the most sensitive areas in your body, and applying force is unnatural.

When used properly and for short durations, you won’t suffer from permanent damage or side effects, which is a major bonus.

But if you choose to wear your pump for extended periods of time while knowing the inherent risks involved, you’re setting yourself up for pain. This pain can leave you hunched over unable to think clearly and barely able to move because your testicles are so swollen.

So, what dangers do you face?

  • Bruising: The penis’s skin is very thin, and being a gland, this means there are veins runningthrough the penis. Pumping can lead to blood vessel ruptures that occur right under the skin. When ruptured, this can causethe penis to turn black and blue. If you have bruising on the head of the penis, this is an indicator that you’ve applied far too much pressure when pumping.
  • Swelling: Slight swelling is common, but some men will get their testicle caught in the pump,causing their testicles to swell to painful sizes.
  • Discoloration: Pump pressure causes the trapping of blood in the penis. When this occurs, lessoxygen gets to the penis and causes what is called cyanosis. This is indicated with a dark-blue tint on the penis.Nerve and tissue damage can occur if the penis doesn’t get adequate oxygen for an extended period of time.

[alert-warning]These are just the small dangers of using a penis pump.[/alert-warning]

Serious complications include:

  • Blood Vessel Damage: Blood vessel ruptures are serious, and when a lot of blood is forced into the penis, the pressure is placed on blood vessels. Swelling, bruising and significant pain can occur when a blood vessel ruptures. Severe damage can cause problems with erectile performance. You can also rupture an artery in the penis, which causes the penis to remain semi-erect over a period of time.
  • Fractures: Did you know that you could fracture your penis?
    This often happens to menduring intercourse, and believe it or not, this is far more common than men admit. Distortion of the penis is a result of afracture and can reduce a man’s ability to get erect. The fracture happens in the sheath of tissue that your penis is comprised of. Medical attention and pain medications are often required to deal with a penile fracture without suffering in agony.

It’s vital that you start using your pump slowly and increase the intensity over time so that you can find your own limits. Never try pumping to extraordinary lengths and allowing the pump to remain in place for hours.

Nerve and tissue damage can cause you to have severe issues during intercourse.

Stretchers don’t have these issues due to there being no pump mechanism, which is why many people choose to use a penis stretcher over a pump. There are far fewer risks and dangers.

Penis Pump Benefits

The main reason to use a penis pump is because it helps your penile tissue expand and grow over time. Men who have smaller penises lack confidence and often struggle to satisfy their partners. Penis pumps – for all their risks – provide a safe way to enhance your penis size.

And it’s far less costly and risky than going in for male enhancement surgery.

If you decide to use a penis pump or a stretcher, you’ll benefit in a few ways:

  1. Penile Growth: The main benefit you’ll experience is penislength Men often achieve 1″ – 3″ penis gains, and with the average penis size under 6″, this leads to gains of 20% ormore in some cases. Men and their partners boast about better performance in the bedroom after experiencing these gains.
  2. Girth Increase: Men sometimes experience a gain ingirth, but studies argue against these claims. Girth is the circumference of the penis, and bigger girth means moresatisfaction for your partner.
  3. Performance Gains: Erectile dysfunction causes men tounderperform or not perform in the bedroom. Penis pumps have shown to increase a man’s erection quality and control.This allows a man to stay harder for longer, pleasing their partner and often leading to greater orgasms.
  4. Straightening: Curved penises look and areWhen pumps are used, they can help correct minor curvature issues.
  5. Confidence: If you have a smaller penis, chances are you’relacking some confidence in the bedroom. It’s normal to suffer from a lack of confidence when you can’t get it up or pleaseyour partner. A bigger penis makes men more confident in the bedroom and leads to better sex overall.

Penis pumps are a solution for men who have smaller penises. The best penis pumps are very effective and can help men gain a life changing 1″ – 3″ in penis length. But they do come with risks when not used properly. Penis stretchers can be used as a safer means of male enhancement, but both are effective at helping men achieve a bigger penis size.

Confidence and self-esteem are linked to penile growth, and these devices have been shown to help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and curved penises. When used for six months or more, men will achieve the maximum benefits of using a penis pump– and results will be permanent.

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