Why Is My Penis Small?

Why Is My Penis Small?


If you have a small penis, you’re probably wondering: what gives?

A lot of men have average or large penises, and here you are, stuck with a small penis. There is most likely a scientific reason why your penis is so small, and the good news is that it’s not your fault.

There was nothing that you could have done differently to change the size of your penis.

But once you know small penis causes, you can take the right steps to correct these issues. We’re going to dive head-first into the topic, starting with a question that every man with a small penis asks themselves.

Hormones Are The Key To Understanding Why Your Penis Is So Small

Your penis starts to grow the moment you’re born. The nutrients you’re being fed help the penile tissue start to generate additional cells. And when these cells are generated, the penis will begin to grow.

But your penile size will be regulated in its growth and will stop naturally during your early 20’s.

Hormonal triggers are what cause the penis to start to grow, and it’s these triggers that will also tell the penis to stop growing.

Hormones are the key trigger of penis growth. 

the role of testosterone and penile size

And your hormones come from the endocrine system which is a collection of glands inside the body.

For some people, they simply don’t produce adequate amounts of a hormone. Everyone is different, but it’s not uncommon for a man to suffer from low testosterone or low levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) at the critical stage for growth.

Both of these hormones are key to penis growth, and the body produces both of these hormones naturally.

You may not notice any changes in the body if you have low levels of testosterone or HGH, and if you have a small penis, it’s likely that you’ve been suffering from low hormone levels your entire life.  It is definitely something to get checked out and you can test your levels with a simple blood test if you are unsure.


Why Did Your Testosterone and HGH Levels Let You Down?

Men: Your testosterone levels will fall as you age. That is not exactly rocket science.

But in terms of penis size, the aging process doesn’t have much to do with it. You should have your “size” well before age becomes a factor in declining hormone levels.

Hormones are what lead to massive penile growth when you were in puberty. There’s no way to say “hey, let’s produce more hormones,” and then have it start working. You can take supplements, including HGH and other alternatives, that may be able to help but who has the money for those as a teenager.

But without supplements, your best bet is to:

  • Sleep 7 to 9 hours per night
  • Eat quality food and enough of it

Studies have also shown that exercise will increase testosterone in the short- and long-term. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an effective way to boost testosterone, and so is eating protein. Additional studies show that frequent dieting can interrupt hormonal production, and carbs have been shown to help optimize a person’s testosterone levels when exercising.

Healthy fats are also a must-eat and will lead to proper testosterone production and management.

What Role Does Stress Play In Disrupting Your Endocrine System?


Cortisol, the hormone that causes testosterone levels to fall, is heavily linked to stress. If you want to maximize your testosterone levels, you’ll want to find ways to de-stress.   For many teens during this crucial period of development they are stuck in high stress situations that is normally beyond their control.   This can wreck your hormone balance and is normally coupled with poor diet and nutrition, sleep habits, etc…

Spending time in the sun (yes, the sun) was found to be a natural testosterone booster due to the Vitamin D production. A few natural testosterone boosters can be added to your diet to further boost testosterone, including:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Ginger extract

You’ll want to do your research on any natural testosterone booster and try to dig up studies backing claims. A lot of “natural” ingredients that are packed into supplements don’t actually do anything.

And since you can’t go back in time, there’s little you can do to change the past. The only thing you can do is follow the advice above if you think you have caught things in time.

Keep in mind that none of this is your fault. Chances are, you had lower-than-average hormone levels when growing up. Genetics play a big role in this, too. Genetics are linked to the ability to produce hormones and peak levels of testosterone production.  If you have a family member with hypogonadism, your chances are significantly increased on inheriting testosterone deficiency.

The science is starting to catch up with low-T as well.

That gives us hope for the future generations to have low-T diagnosed much earlier, before it is too late to cause a life time of size concerns.

So you if you missed the boat during puberty, are you permanently screwed?  No…

Steps to Ramp Up Penis Growth After Puberty

I strongly suggest that you consult with a doctor and have your hormone levels tested if you suspect you may have low T. If you have low testosterone, your endocrinologist will be able to offer treatment plans that can elevate your T levels quickly.   From injections, to pellets, to bio-identical creams.

The same principal applies to low human growth hormone levels.

These medications, unless they’re all-natural, should be prescribed.  Why?

If you’re buying HGH on the street, you have no idea what you’re buying. A doctor won’t have an issue prescribing someone hormone supplements when their body needs it. Real-deal HGH supplements have been shown to turn back the clock for many older men, leaving these men with less body fat and higher levels of muscle.

Penis size may also be increased with proper medication, and it’s a much better option than going the surgical route.

A few additional options, which I do recommend trying alongside the recommendations above, are:

  • Traction. Penile extenders, when used over the long-term, will work to increase the size of your penis. You’ll find that many of these models will use traction to cause cells to duplicate. When the cells start to duplicate, your penis grows. You’ll want to follow a routine for a minimum of six months if you want to see permanent growth.
  • Pumps. Penis pumps are a lot like extenders, but they work by forcing blood into the penis. They may be air- or water-based.  Most of the time the results are temporary but they do serve a purpose.
  • Stretches. Believe it or not, stretching is a fun activity that takes 20-minute sessions to really work. The concept is much like an extender, and it won’t cost you a dime to get started. You won’t find much in the way of studies backing stretching and penile growth, but since it costs you nothing, it’s worth a try.
  • Jelqing. A group of manual exercises or techniques that are meant to help you expand penile size. When jelqing, you’ll be pushing blood through the shaft of the penis in an effort to force growth, especially in girth, or the circumference of the penis.

If you work on extending the size and girth of your penis along with making the appropriate lifestyle changes, you’ll be able to increase the size of your penis and boost your HGH and testosterone levels.

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