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The Phallosan Forte offers a superior method of penile enlargement, straightening and treatment for peyronie’s disease. Increases in length and thickness are noted due to cell growth stimulation.

A wearable penis enlarger, the Phallosan provides state-of-the-art components with patents in place to protect the company’s intellectual properties.


Their advanced device includes technical advancements at every stage:

  • Three-way Vale: A three-way valve allows for pressure adjustment while the device is in place.
  • Sizing: Glan size is considered through three sizing options for the suction cup: small, medium and large. The sizing allows glans the room needed when growth occurs. Allergen-free materials are used to meet strict product standards.
  • Sleeve: A medical grade sleeve is made of silicone and non-Allergic materials.
  • Protector Cap: Initial studies point to strong vacuum seals causing potential damage of the glans. A protector cap is integrated into the product to protect the glans and enable quick adjustments as necessary.
  • Tension Clip: The incorporated tension clip transfer power to the suction bell. The clip’s color-coded formation allows for faster, safer usage.

Phallosan Forte produces positive force on the penis and glans of 0.88 – 6.61+ pounds.

Phallosan Forte Gains

The green range is the starting point of the tension clip that allows between 0.88 and 1.87 pounds of pressure application.

The yellow tension produces 2.43 – 3.31 pounds of pressure.

Red is utilized for the final pressure range of 4.41 – 6.61 pounds of pressure.

Pressurization is provided through medical grade materials that are designed to be allergen-free.

How to Use the Phallosan Forte Correctly

how to use the phallosan forte

The Phallosan device requires the user to wash the penis and groin prior to usage. Proper hygiene allows for a lack of bacteria and keeps the device clean.

Application is simple and effective:

  1. Remove all clothing
  2. Place on the covering
  3. Place the unit over the penis
  4. Pump the pump slowly
  5. Continue pumping until pressure is adequate
  6. Attach the strap
  7. Position the strap and device to the side
  8. Put clothes back on

Users can confidently wear the extender daily underneath their clothes without any indication of the device present. The device will allow for gentle, yet effective stretching of the penile glan utilizing pressure.

Invisible from the outside, the device can be worn to the left or right of the groin.  The stealth factor is a major advantage of this over other penis extenders.  With other penis enlargement products, it is difficult to wear them for more than a few hours per day- this is not a problem with the Phallosan Forte extender.

Medical grade components make the device comfortable for extended periods of wear. Proper usage and the suction pump and tension gauge allow users to experience gains in penile length of 1.9 inches or more after a six month period.

Results are provided through a process called cell reproduction.

Why Cell Reproduction Occurs

cell multiplication

A patented enlargement system allows for negative pressure via the integrated suction pump. The traffic light system provides maximum control over the tension adjustment and is the key to cell reproduction. Repeat usage allows for cell reproduction.  Most users see permanent results within 6 months.

Cell reproduction is a process that occurs naturally in the body when a user is younger.

The cell reproduction stops even if the person’s penis isn’t long enough yet. Cell production is possible through the repeated stretching of the penile gland. This is done through the continued, small tears in the penile glans that eventually lead to growth.

Small tears force the body to naturally cause cell reproduction.

In the same way that muscle grows, the penile tissue will begin to grow, allowing for a longer penis. The suction and stretching allow the tissue to further expand, providing long-lasting results.

Studies show that the cell reproduction that occurs due to the negative pressure process has the ability to help people suffering from:

  • Small penis sizes
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • PPI
  • Penile curvatures

Extended usage of a device allows for faster results.

Clinical Study Evidence

fda approved penis stretcher

The Phallosan Forte underwent a clinical study in Germany in 2005. The study was conducted by Professor Dr. Sohn and included patients in the 20 to 68 age group. Participants in the study suffered from a variety of conditions, including:

  • Prostate surgery complications
  • Small penis
  • IPP
  • Diabetes

Patients that wore the device for an extended period of time all showed positive results with overall penis size, penile length and girth gains noted. The extent of the growth was highly dependent on the total worn time of the participant.

Patients wearing the device for up to 10 hours per day exhibited a faster, longer period of cell reproduction, leading to an increase in penis size including larger penile length and girth.

The study’s key notes include:

  • Prostate surgery participants that suffer from erectile issues noted stronger erectile quality after several days of usage.
  • Diabetic patients, suffering from a lack of sensation and erection quality, noted enhanced sensation and erections.
  • Incurvate penis sufferers experienced a 20-degree change in curvature following usage.

Professional urologists performed measurements throughout the test and kept detailed logs of penile growth and possible results. The median age of the group was 41.4 years.

Following the three-month study, the average girth gain was 0.64 cm. Results after six months was 0.80 cm in penile girth enhancement. Erect penis length increased from 12.30 cm to 13.40 cm – 14.10 cm on average.

Larger penis users with a maximum penis length of 15.50cm grew to 16.50cm.

The growth of the larger penis participants was notably less than the smaller penis participants. Minimum penis ranges experienced the greatest growth from 8.70 cm to 11.00 cm in size on average, marking a 2.30 cm gain over the course of the study.

Phallosan Forte Review

phallosan forte review

Phallosan Forte before and after results speak for themselves.

The proof is in the clinical studies, and the company’s continued support among consumers is a testament to how well Phallosan works. Average results based off of a clinical study indicate that this male enhancement products offers:

  • 38″ flaccid penis size gains in 3 months; 1.93″ gain in flaccid size in 6 months
  • 5″ erect size gains in 3 months; 1.89″ erect penis size increase in 6 months
  • 55″ girth increase in 3 months; 0.98″ girth increase in 6 months

Results when wearing the Forte for 6 hours a day, five days per week is 1.14″ gains in erect length, while 9 hour wear, six days per week produced 1.47″ gain in erect penile size.

Customer testimonials are mainly positive, with a few of the most impressive testimonials stating:

  • The company stands behind their product. Great support system.
  • I’ve used this product for 9 months and experienced 1.8 inch gains.
  • More comfortable than other extenders. I started at 5.2″ and now am up to 6.”

Scientifically proven to work, Phallosan Forte is easy to use and comfortable to wear. The elastic belt and strap keeps the penis comfortably placed in the pants, and it works to allow for proper concealment. Usage during the day or even at work goes unnoticed, allowing for maximum gains without fear or embarrassment along the way.   Again, this is the main advantage over other penis extenders and penis enlargement products.  You can wear this device concealed all day.

Gentle force is exerted on the penis and glans to provide a slow, yet permanent form of penis growth. An airtight sleeve, which resembles a condom, is placed over the penis. Most users note that it’s easiest to get the sleeve on when the penis is semi-hard.

A person with a micro penis will have difficulty putting the sleeve on their penis.

phallosan sleeves

When semi-erect, it’s easier to put the sleeve on. The protective cap further adds to the safety of the penis and is applied next. The mechanism is then placed over the penis and through the use of the stretch belt, the penis undergoes a continuous, even pulling force that stretches the tissue and penile glans, allowing for continued growth and cell reproduction.

The Phallosan Forte is one of the most comfortable male enhancement devices.

But even with extreme comfort, the device will need to be broken in over time. It’s essential to start slowly by wearing the device for a few hours per day and moving up as tolerance levels increase. A sample strategy that users have implemented with great success is as follows:

  • Wear for 3 hours the first 3 days
  • Wear for 4 hours for 3 days
  • Wear for 5 hours for 3 days
  • Wear for 6 hours and increase to 7 – 9 hours as tolerable

Maximum usage of 12 hours is possible with no impact on comfort.

phallosan pump

When urinating, the device should be removed to allow for proper urinary tract function. There is a lack of sanitation if wearing the device and urinating.

Keep the device clean with daily or bi-daily cleaning using alcohol or soap and water.

If you fail to keep the device clean, there is a potential for an infection in extreme cases. Always clean the device at least every other usage to keep the bacteria level at a minimum.

All parts are under a 2-year warranty.

Wear during sleep is possible, and this allows the wearer to remain comfortable and confident while not needing to wear the device when leaving the home.

An app is included for iOS and Android users that allows them to have their own personal trainer when using the Forte. The app provides graphs and training goals to help the user achieve their goals with solid, analytical data to track their progress.

Statistics encourage users to continue their training and reach their true penis size potential.

Common Questions

The manufacturer lists an in-depth frequently asked questions section to answer consumer questions faster and more efficiently. The most common concerns and questions asked include:

  1. Will Erection Cause Pain? Additional pressure applied to the penis during an erection will be the result of an erection during usage. The sleeve expands to help protect against potential pain, allowing for added comfort.
  2. Can the Device Be Worn When Urinating? No. The manufacturer recommends removing the device to urinate.
  3. Can the Forte Be Worn for Long Periods? Studies are showing that Phallosan Forte can be worn all night long without risk of injury. Penis pumps, on the other hand, can only be worn for periods of 20 – 30 minutes.
  4. How Long Should the Device Be Worn? The device should be worn 6 – 8 hours per day. Brief pauses throughout the day allow the device to be worn for up to 12 hours without pain or discomfort.
  5. Are Results Permanent? The results are permanent if a person wears the device over a period of at least six months. Users that cease wearing the device prior to the six-month period note a retraction in penis size.
  6. Does Phallosan Impact Erection? Yes. The device stimulates the head of the penis, allowing the user to experience greater overall comfort during intercourse.
  7. Should Foreskin Be Pulled Back When Applying the Cap? Every user is different. The majority of users do not note any discomfort when applying the cap without pulling the foreskin back. The cap will be placed above the foreskin, according to the manufacturer.

These are the most commonly asked questions among users and potential buyers. Many people ask how much time it takes to start seeing results, and the answer is: a few weeks. Every user is different, and the results will vary depending on usage time, too.

Gains can start to be seen in as little as 1 – 2 months with proper usage.

Quality Management and Certification

phallosan before and after results

The manufacturer of Phallosan is certified to ISO9001:2008 standards as well as 13485:2003 standards.

These standards ensure a high level of quality when any device the company makes is manufactured. Maintaining certification requires the manufacturer to create medically certified products.

Words of Caution Before Usage

Usage is safe under normal conditions. Users who do not adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations can suffer from side effects. The most common side effects, caused by improper usage, are:

  • Tension Pain: Painless and comfortable, many users will increase tension levels too quickly, causing the belt to be too tight and cause pain after extended usage.The amount of pressure doesn’t increase the results a person experiences when using this device. Instead, consistent tension is the best way to achieve results. Applying too much tension during the first week of use is not advised. Users are advised to start at the lowest tension level for best results.
  • Swelling of the Glans: The protector cap ought to cover the glans to provide optimal protection. Proper covering exerts pressure on the glans to prevent swelling if tension levels are too high. Reddening and swelling can occur if the tension is set too high and the protector cap is not placed over the glans as recommended.

If not wearing the protector cap, tension levels must be lessened to avoid any of the side effects listed. Removing the device and allowing a few hours to pass will alleviate the swelling and pain experienced from improper usage.

Phallosan vs SizeGenetics


Phallosan and SizeGenetics are the two leaders in the penis enhancement industry.

Both products work well, and there are times when SizeGenetics has a slight advantage – if a person has a penis of 7.5″ or bigger.  But, for 99.9% of men, the better option is the Phallosan.

Phallosan Forte excels not only in results, but the device is more comfortable than SizeGenetics.

SizeGenetics works differently in function than Phallosan, but the same idea is applied to help the penis grow in size: traction forcing cell multiplication.

Small amounts of traction are utilized to allow for small micro tears to occur, forcing the body to start to kickstart the cell duplication process.

Healing allows the:

  • Penile tissue to grow in size
  • Excess blood to fill the penile chambers
  • Harder, longer erections

The Phallosan can provide faster results if worn for longer periods of time. Most users cannot withstand the same duration with rod style extenders as they can with hybrid belt style devices like the Phallosan.

So, the cell reproduction and micro tears are amplified with Phallson due to the longer wear time. Since the device can be worn under the clothes and even at night, people tend to use the Phallosan for much longer durations, amplifying the results.

The Phallosan takes the lead against SizeGenetics, but both work very well.

Where To Buy The Phallosan Forte?

buy phallosan forte

Reports of Phallosan Forte knockoffs were in the news months ago. The reports indicate that sellers placed knock-off products on eBay and sold them to unknowing customers. The risk in buying a knock off is that the product will not contain the medical-grade components that add to the safety and comfort of Phallosan.

Direct purchase from the manufacturer allows for the safest purchasing method.

The Phallosan Forte’s scientific approach to penis enhancement coupled with medical grade material and a key focus on comfort allow for the most comfortable wear in the industry over an extended period of time.

Our review gives Phallosan a 4.8 out of 5 rating and is the best male enhancement product for girth and comfort.

Click here to purchase the Phallosan Forte directly from the manufacturer.

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