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What is a Micro Penis?

Small penises are not the same as a micro penis. The micro penis, by definition, has been classified as a penis that’s:

  • 5 deviations below the mean size

Measurement of a micro penis ought to be done when the penis is:

  1. Fully stretched
  2. Not flaccid

We cover how to measure a penis in-depth to explain how to properly measure a penis.

There is a lot of confusion about what size qualifies as “micro” and what is just smaller than average.

A lot of men know that they’re a little smaller than normal, but how small is micro? There is a standard definition for a micro penis, and we’ll be looking at the definition, causes of micro penises and treatment options that can help you overcome life with a micro penis.

Most diagnosis of a micro penis is done when a male is still an infant. Babies that are under five months of age will have a penis that is less than one inch for it to be micro.

Adult men that have a stretched, flaccid penis that is 3.6 inches or under may fit into the description of a micro penis.

Medical experts have since changed the classification of a micro penis by classifying a micro penis as:

  • Between 1.2″ and 2.8″
  • Under 3″ in length

There’s not a clear consensus of an actual size to classify a micro penis, but a general consensus is that a man with a penis that’s 3 inches or shorter has a micro penis.

This is not the fault of the man, and it’s a condition that happens at birth for most men.

The good news, or bad news depending on your condition, is that micro penises are very rare. Just 0.015% of boys born between 1997 and 2000 were born with a micro penis. Putting this figure into perspective, just 1 out of 10,000 boys have a micro penis.

Studies show that just 0.6% of the male population has a micro penis.

What is the Cause of a Micro Penis?

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The cause for micro penises is often a genetic one. A man likely has several disorders which are contributing to their small member, but the condition can occur alone,  too. There are some men that are born with no other genetic disorders which impact their life aside from having a micro penis.

Hormonal disorders are the most common cause for micro penis.

There are, typically, two glands that are the main cause for a micro penis forming:

  1. Hypothalamus
  2. Pituitary gland

Since there are no symptoms that occur aside from having a smaller penis, most men will live with this condition not even knowing that something is amiss.

Parents will allow their child to go through the initial stages of their life assuming that the child is simply a late bloomer and that their penis will eventually grow in size. Unfortunately, this is not the case with a micro penis; treatment is needed to help the issue.

Diagnosis of a micro penis will require a visit to the doctor, and this will be a brief physical examination that will measure the size of the penis. If a condition might exist, you will need to seek treatment.

Does a Micro Penis Function in the Same Way?

A micro penis is a sexual organ, and while it’s smaller than the average penis, the micro penis will function much in the same way as a normal-sized penis. There are some disadvantages of having a micro penis:

  • Men with a micro penis may have difficulty impregnating a woman
  • Men with a micro penis may have trouble pleasing their partner

The micro penis will still get erect and will act as a normal penis. There are positions that can help a man make sex more pleasurable if he has a micro penis. But, there are treatment options that can help a man correct their micro penis so that pleasure is never an issue.

What Are The Treatment Options?


If you have a micro penis and want to change your life forever, you need to seek treatment for your condition. The treatment option that doctors will prescribe will be based on your:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Medical history
  • Severity
  • Expectations
  • Opinion or preference

When a micro penis is diagnosed early on, it’s possible to seek hormonal therapy which may offset the lack of hormones causing the penis to not grow. But this form of therapy isn’t offered as frequently in older men that have suffered from micro penis their entire lives.

Treatment options offered may include:


Penis enlargement is offered via surgery that can help a man struggling with a smaller penis extend the size of their penis. This surgery can be a hit or miss, and some of the risks associated with surgery include:

  • Loss of feeling or sensation in the penis
  • Loss of the ability to get an erection

There are procedures that can be used to lengthen the penis and widen the penis. A lot of surgery options will include alteration to the suspensory ligament. A man can also choose an enlargement implant which can help enhance the penile size.

The issue with enhancement surgery is that you’ll suffer from the most risks out of all the treatment options available.

Enhancement surgery is permanent, and complications can and do occur. Oftentimes, the complications can’t be corrected or will require several surgeries to correct – if it’s possible.


Medical penis stretchers are a non-surgical method of lengthening the penis, and some extenders have been developed specifically for micro penises. A person that has a micro penis will need to ensure that the extender they want to use:

  • Is designed for people with micro penises
  • Offers studies to help with a micro penis

There are several extenders that can be used on a micro penis, but you need to make sure the model you pick will work for you. A lot of models are not designed for a micro penis, and the results may be sub-optimal as a result.

What does a penis stretcher actually do?  It depends on the model.

An extender device will often do the following:

  • Apply force or tension to the penis
  • Slowly breakdown the penis’ cells
  • Cause small micro tears to occur
  • Allow for cell division to occur

Slow and sure, the penis tissue will begin to elongate allowing the size of the penis to increase, too.

Some of these devices can help with both length and girth – so it’s a great method to try if you have a micro penis.


Jelqing is a penis exercise that can help increase the size of the penis by as much as 2 inches in some cases, and it is all based on stretching out the penis and allowing it to grow as a result. You’ll perform these exercises by first making an “OK sign” with your fingers.

Then, you’ll want to do the following:

  • Apply some lube to the penis
  • Get a partial erection
  • Grip around the base of the penis with the “OK” sign
  • Move your hand upwards toward your glans
  • Stop before reaching the top of the penis
  • Return to the base
  • Repeat

You’ll do these jelqing exercises for 10 minutes or so, and then allow the penis to relax. Don’t do these exercises with a fully erect penis – it won’t work well.

Slow and relaxed, you’ll start to experience positive gains over the course of months, but you need to remain consistent with your exercises.


Final Thoughts

Mircopenis is a serious medical condition but it does not have to be debilitating.   There are lots of options available for men to try before giving up on their sex life.  From surgery, to hormone replacement to extenders.

If you are lucky enough to not qualify for the “micropenis” diagnosis but are still coming up short in the size department, you should not settle either.


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