is a penis a muscle

Is The Penis a Muscle?

The penis may be known as the “love muscle,” but is it really a muscle?

Actually, the answer is “no.”

In fact, not only is the penis not a muscle, but it doesn’t even contain any muscles.

Intuitively, this should be obvious in some respects, even though you may not have thought about it much.  After all, it isn’t like you can move it around like a regular muscle.

So why do so many people think that the penis is a muscle, even going so far as to ask questions like, “Why can’t I exercise my penis to make it bigger?”

Well, maybe because you can exercise your penis to make it bigger. 

It just doesn’t work the way you think. 


The Anatomy of the Penis

We’ve established what the penis isn’t.  So what actually is it?

The penis can be thought of as a sponge.


To be more specific, the penis contains two sponge-like chambers called “corpora cavernosa.”  During an erection, blood rushes into the chambers and fills them.

The reason the blood doesn’t flow right out again is because the swelling involved in the erection temporarily blocks off the veins that the blood would flow back out of again.

Eventually of course, the erection subsides.

At that point, the veins are open again, and the blood can flow back out of the chambers.

So Do Penis Exercises For Growth Exist?

Yes, there are penis exercises you can do to increase the size of your member.  In fact, some of them have pretty solid evidence backing them up.

How is that possible if the penis is not a muscle?

Well, there are a few reasons why exercises for penis growth can be effective.  Remember, we don’t just work out to increase the size and strength of our muscles.  Exercising has other benefits as well.

  • Stretch tissue.  Muscle isn’t the only tissue you can stretch.  You can stretch the tissue comprising your penis as well.  When you do, this creates “micro-tears” (this happens during any form of stretching you do with any part of your body).  This kicks your body’s healing powers into gear.  New cells are then produced to fill in the micro-tears.  If you stretch your penis regularly to engage this process, it can result in permanent new cells.  That means an increase in size.  Penis tissue growth is possible.
  • Boost blood flow to the penis.  When you work out, blood vessels dilate, resulting in an increase in blood flow.  Increasing circulation to your penis has two benefits.  Firstly, it means more nutrients can be brought to your penis, which is important for filling in those micro-tears mentioned before.  So circulation helps fuel permanent growth.Secondly, the more blood you can draw into your penis during an erection, the bigger and harder your erection will be.
  • Work out nearby muscles.  Even though your penis is not a muscle, there is an important one near by called the “Pubococcygeus muscle” or “PC muscle.”  When you work out your PC muscle, you 1-enable more blood circulation in your penis, and 2-improve the intensity of your ejaculations.

So penile exercises are helpful, and they can help you “grow your penis.”  It just has nothing to do with your penis being a muscle.

Ready to find out how to increase blood flow to your penis and gradually boost your size?  Let’s learn some basic penis exercises for growth.

Basic Exercises For Beginners

  1. Jelqing

My favorite exercise to recommend is jelqing.  I like this exercise for a couple of reasons.

First of all, jelqing has a long history behind it.  It originated in ancient Arabia.  Since guys have been doing this safely and reporting great results for literally hundreds of years, it is hard to go wrong here.

The other reason I am a fan of jelqing is because it is so easy.  You can learn to do it in a matter of minutes, and it only takes a few minutes of jelqing a day to produce noticeable size gains.   This is the best way to increase blood flow to your penis and it is also the easiest.

If you are willing to do it regularly for months, you might even be able to add 1-2 inches.  It isn’t just for increasing length either—jelqing also adds to girth!

How to get started jelqing

ok sign

  1. Lube up. This will protect you from injury.
  2. Work up to a partial erection. You should aim for 50-75%, whatever is comfortable for you.
  3. Make an “OK” sign using your thumb and index finger.
  4. Grip the base of your penis using the “OK” sign. Then pull your hand up slowly in the direction of your glans. Stop right before you reach it.  The entire time, you should be applying light pressure.
  5. Grip the base again, and repeat the motion in step 4.
  6. Is The Penis a Muscle?. Just keep repeating this motion for as long as you want to jelq. I suggest 10 minutes or so.


You do not need to jelq every day.  In fact, doing so isn’t even ideal.  Your body needs time to carry out the repair on the micro-tears, so if you do not give it a rest, that process gets disrupted.

So I suggest that you jelq maybe every other day.  That way each time you do, your penis has plenty of time to grow new cells.

If jelqing is the only exercise you do to increase penis size, you probably would be just fine.  This exercise on its own can have some amazing results.  You just need to stick with it!


  1. Kegels

Why stop with jelqing though when there is so much more you can do to increase penis size?

A lot of guys think that kegel exercises are just for women, but that is not true!

Remember when I talked about your “PC muscle” earlier?

pc muscle in men

Well, if you clench your PC muscle, you strengthen it.

That’s all a kegel is.  If you don’t like calling it a kegel, just call it a “PC clench” instead.  It makes no difference.

Don’t have a clue where your PC muscle is located?  To locate it, pay attention the next time you are urinating.  See if you can stop the stream of urine.  If you succeed, you have done so by clenching your PC muscle.

So anytime you’ve been interrupted while urinating and have stopped in the middle to get up and do something else, you have performed a kegel!

Once you have managed to do a few kegels while urinating, you should be able to start doing them while you are not on the toilet.

In fact, you can perform a kegel anywhere, anytime, and nobody will know you are doing it.  You just clench the same muscle.  It’s a great way to pass the time when you are stuck in traffic.

Each time you clench your PC muscle, hold it for 3-5 seconds, then release.

I recommend around 50 reps per session.  That may sound like a lot, but considering you can do it while you are killing time waiting for the bus or sitting at a stoplight, it should be easy to incorporate this into your regular routine.


  1. Stretches

basic stretch

Next up, there are numerous different stretches you can do to gradually try and lengthen your penis.  Some of these include the basic stretch, the erect stretch, the ruler stretch, the internal stretch, the A-stretch, and so forth.

Here are the instructions for the basic stretch.

  1. Take hold of your penis right behind the head.
  2. Pull downward for 30 seconds. Let go.
  3. Pull to the right for 30 seconds. Let go.
  4. Pull to the left for 30 seconds. Let go.
  5. Pull upward for 30 seconds. Let go.
  6. Pull outward for 30 seconds. Let go.


You need to pull gently in all directions.  There should be a “stretching” sensation, but not pain.  If you feel pain, stop.  Try again with less force.


  1. Compression and Expansion

Another class of exercises involves compressing one area of your penis to cause expansion in another.  The goal is to increase your girth.  Following are instructions for one exercise commonly referred to as “the compressor.”


  1. Work your way up to a 90% erection.
  2. Create an “OK” sign with your hand, and start at the base of your penis.
  3. Hold your penis with the other hand using an overhand grip. Do not press on the glans.
  4. Gently push your hands in one another’s direction.
  5. Maneuver your penis from one side to the other carefully with the overhand grip.

The basic stretch I shared previously is the one you should start with.  That one is designed for beginners, while the compression technique above is for those who are more advanced.  If you research, you will find there are plenty of other stretches for you to try as well.

Penile Exercise Action Tips

Whatever exercises you decide to do, here are some tips to help you increase penis size safely and effectively:

  • Do not try to skip right past beginning exercises to advanced ones.  Doing so is more likely to result in injury, and might also be too challenging at first.
  • Just do a small set of reps, at least in the beginning.  You can increase it over time if you feel the need.  But you do not have to do endless reps to get results.  A moderate approach works just fine.
  • Don’t get down on yourself if it takes you a few days or even a few weeks to really get the hang of what you are doing.  That is totally expected.
  • Always lube up.  Skipping this step makes injury more likely.  Applying heat in advance of stretching is helpful as well.
  • If you find it hard to maintain your grip, a handkerchief or some baby powder can help you get the traction you need.
  • Red dots sometimes show up while jelqing.  This is not a cause for concern.  Bruising on the other hand is not expected.  Next time, go a bit easier.
  • Do not stretch your penis while grabbing the head.
  • Experiencing pain?  Stop whatever it is you are doing.  You are probably injuring yourself.  You may feel a “stretching” or “muscle burn” sensation while you are exercising, but something like a sharp pain is a problem.  Basically, if it would worry you while stretching another part of your body, it is something you want to avoid in your penis as well.
  • Even though a lot of exercises are recommended at a partial erection, trying them flaccid first can be very helpful.  In general, exercises which require a 50% erection or less are better for beginners.
  • Only use sources you trust for penis exercise instructions.  Not every random person you run across on internet forums is qualified to tell you how to exercise your penis safely.  If something strikes you as unwise, don’t do it.


How fast should you expect results, and how big will those results be?

That depends on a lot of individual factors.  I would say though that most guys will have to do penis exercises for months before they notice anything, and in most cases, the better part of a year.

As to your gains, a couple inches at the most is what you can probably expect.  Adding four or six inches through penis exercises is incredibly unlikely.  But hey—if your penis size is four inches right now, it could be six within a year.  That’s a 50% increase!


Want To Get Even More Out of Penile Exercise Routine?

If you are exercising to increase penis size, but you want to try and speed along the process and possibly get more dramatic results, there is a way to do it.

Invest in a penis extender.  You can use this in addition to or instead of exercises to get some seriously impressive gains.  I suggest doing both, because that will max out your results.

Need help picking out the right one?  Check out our reviews for more detailed product information.

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