Are Penis Weights Worth The Risk?


Penis weights sound like something out of a horror movie. I mean, the mere thought of putting a weight on my penis makes me cringe. Nonetheless, there is plenty of talk about “penis hanging” workouts online from guys that claim legit results.

Is this just talk, and is it worth the risk?

Why do people even use penis weights?  This is all something I’m going to discuss so that you can better understand penis weights, their risks, results and what other options are available if you don’t decide to use penis weights.

What is Penis Hanging?

Penis Hanging 101


Penis hanging (don’t get too confused here) is what you’re doing when you use penis weights. See, your penis will hang down with the weight attached to help increase both length and girth. Your penis is made of sponge-like materials, and the idea is that the weight will cause tears in the penis that lead to growth.

This is a practice that was founded thousands of years ago when tribesmen would tie rocks to their penis to help it grow large.

And the million dollar question: does penis hanging work?

Yes, but minimally.

The idea is that you wear these weights over a long period of time, and you’ll eventually experience growth. While it may sound similar to a penis extender, it’s far more risky although they both work through micro tears.

My problem is that there are a lot of risks involved when you attach anything to your penis – especially weights.

You also have to go through a lot of hassles along the way. You can’t wear your weight in public, and you also can’t walk around because you risk causing even more damage to your penis. Essentially, you’ll need to stay immobile when penis hanging which is very hard for on-the-go people to do.

What Are the Risks of Penis Weights?

penis weights risk
Good God.

Any time that you try a new method of penis enhancement, make sure to know all of the risks involved. You might be interested in penis weights, and sure there are some small benefits, but you also risk major injury.

Your penis isn’t designed to have weights attached.

When you decide to tie a weight to your penis, you risk:

  • Pain. Your penile gland is very sensitive, and the downward pressure on this penis can lead to severe discomfort and even pain. If you happen to over wear your weights, this can also lead to bruising or swelling.
  • Internal scarring can occur, too. This may make your penis look deformed and may cause more series issues in the future.
  • Nerve damage. If you keep the weight on too long or use too much weight, there’s a risk of permanent nerve damage. This nerve damage may not seem like a big deal if your penis is bigger, but you’ll lack sensation in your penis and may also suffer from erectile dysfunction as a result of using penis weights.
  • Bruising. Penile tears, when they’re micro tears, are not a big deal, but you can also suffer from serious tears. If these serious tears occur, you may suffer from intense bruising or severe swelling – both unsightly and uncomfortable.

For me, this is too much of a risk. You want to have a longer, thicker penis so that you can enjoy sex. If you’re suffering from pain, bruising or nerve damage, it’s not worth the risk. A lot of people do experience minor penile gains, too, but you have to take a risk assessment here.

Are minimal gains worth the risk of lifelong damage?

Nah, not for me. You see, when the weights are pulling the penis down, they will cause damage. If the weights are too heavy, you may stop blood flow to the penis which can result in serious damage to your penis.

In all cases, you’re damaging the penis for small gains.

Some men “figure it out,” and they will slowly increase the weight and get lucky in the long-term. But for me, it’s not worth the risk when there are other, safer options available. The results aren’t even that impressive where you can justify the risks you’re putting on yourself.

Are the Risks of Penis Weights Worth the Results?

Not for me. The risks are pretty dire, so it’s not something I could recommend in good conscious. With that said, a lot of people will log their gains and experience minimal gains over a long period of time.

I can’t say how much gains you’ll experience, but I can say it won’t be several inches.

When using weights, you need:

  • Consistency. A consistent routine is the only routine that will work. You need to provide resistance to your penis on a daily basis, and this means you’re in it for the long-term. Any time you want to extend your penis, you must be consistent in your efforts. Failure to remain consistent will lead to no gains at all.
  • Privacy. Some extension devices can be worn under your clothes, but not weights. You’ll want to keep this one to an at-home routine as best you can. People will notice that you’re hanging weights from your penis which is never something I want to see in person.

You’ll need to remain stationary while penis hanging, too meaning that it’s not safe to walk around when in the middle of a hanging session. The initial results are also very slow to materialize, so you may go weeks or even a month or two without experiencing any viable gains along the way.

If I need to be consistent, spend my free time hanging weights from my penis and face serious risks along the way, I want to be hung like a horse. The minimal results that men experience with penis weights leads to one final question.

Are There Better Options Available?

Yes. There are several products available and techniques that you can follow that will provide similar or better results without the scary risks involved. A few of the techniques that I recommend trying or at least educating yourself on are:

  • Penis stretchers. One of my go-to devices, a penis extender will still cause slight tears in the penile tissue, but these extenders do it in a controlled manner. There’s force applied to the tissue, but it’s much different than a weight dangling between your legs. You’ll also experience 1″ – 2″ gains with the right extender with very minimal risk of injuries in the process.
  • Manual Exercises. There are exercises, called jelqing, which are essentially you elongating the penis with your own hands and making an “okay” sign with your fingers. This is a form of stretching, and it does provide minimal results that are similar or better than that of penis weights.

You’ll also find a lot of information on supplements and foods you can eat to help your penis grow even larger. It’s all about judging the risks and trying to determine if the gains and effort are worth it in the long-term.

For me, it makes sense to try the technique that provides the most gains with the least possible resistance and risk along the way.

Penis weights, while a popular trend, do have risks that are simply too intense for the results that they provide.

I know that it may be tempting to give penis weights a try, but with all of the other options available, it is one of the most-risky, least rewarding options to enhance your penis.

With that said, if you take a slow approach to hanging and don’t go crazy heavy you may find it worth the risk for your case.   If you do go this route, do not use home made weights.   Get something professional like the Private Gym Muscle Exercise System For Men.  This is a complete “training program” with detailed instructions that develops your entire PC muscle.

Private Gym Penis Weights

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