Toilet Paper Roll Penis Test

Is the Toilet Paper Roll Test Accurate?

If you’re a man, you need to know about the toilet paper roll test. This test is taking the world by storm, and there are a lot of men that swear by it. But there’s a big problem: what the heck is it?

When a person hears “toilet paper,” they don’t normally think about their penis.

Maybe that is about to change.

What is the Toilet Paper Test?

what is the toilet roll test

This is a good question. There seems to be a disagreement what the toilet paper test actually is and what it means. You see, a lot of people take to forums and talk about the test for:

  1. Length
  2. Girth


Well, it changes depending on the measurement. When talking about length, people claim that the test is a way to determine if your penis is big enough (more on that soon).

And with regards to girth, the test is a way to determine if a penis is thick enough.

It sounds silly, but men across the world swear by the toilet paper roll test. It’s a test that has been tried time and time again.

Both of these tests are beneficial.

Hold Up. How Does the Toilet Paper Roll Test Work?

Since there are two methods used with the test, it’s important to know how both methods work. We’ll start with girth since a lot of women claim that they prefer girth over length when considering penises.

This test will determine if your penis is thick enough.

Let’s start:

  1. Take a toilet paper tube. You can use a full tube, but it’s easier using an empty tube.
  2. Stroke your penis, watch porn or do whatever it takes to get your penis erect.
  3. Try and place your penis inside of the toilet paper tube.

That’s it.

What people say is that if you can fit your penis inside of the tube, your penis isn’t thick enough. Statistics show that a toilet paper tube has a circumference of 5.5 inches. Circumference is the way that people measure the thickness of their penis.

So, if you can fit inside of the roll, this means that your penis isn’t 5.5″ thick.

But if you can’t put your erect penis inside of the tube, you have a penis that is thicker than 5.5 inches.

Why does any of this matter?

Studies on penis size, conducted at King’s College in London, found that out of 15,521, men had an average circumference size of 4 3/4 inches.

So, if you can’t fit your penis in the roll, you’re actually above average in the thickness department.

And if you can fit your penis inside with little room to spare, there’s a good chance you hit the average thickness threshold.

The toilet paper roll test is an easy way to measure your girth against the average, and as you already know from reading through my site, there are ways to increase your girth if you want to be thicker than normal.

Length testing can also be done with the toilet paper roll test.

You’ll follow many of the same steps as you did with the girth test, and this means getting your toilet paper roll ready to go. Once you do, you’ll want to also get your penis nice and hard before moving on to the next step.

Once you’re fully erect, you’ll want to:

  1. Stick your penis in the tube or if you’re thicker than the tube, place your penis alongside the tube.
  2. Check to see if your penis is longer than the tube or sticking out of the opposite end of the tube.

And while many people say that if your penis is longer it’s plenty big, that isn’t necessarily the truth. The length of a toilet paper roll is just 4 inches for a standard roll. And since the average length of a man’s erect penis is 5 1/4 inches, this means that the roll is an indicator of a small penis size.

Now, you can use this is an indicator and guess how much longer your penis is than the tube.

But if your penis is smaller than the tube, this means that your penis is well below the average length. You’ll want to take some proactive measures in this case. Either start jelqing, use an extender or follow some other routine to increase your penis size.

Of course, if you don’t include the glans or the head, you’ll be able to judge the size of the penis with a little higher accuracy. If this space is longer than the tube, you’re larger than average or at the average length, depending on how far over you are.

After taking the toilet paper roll test, you’ll come away knowing if:

  • Your girth is below average, average or thicker than average
  • Your length is below average, average or longer than average

Yes, the test is a bit on the odd side, but the dimensions of the standard toilet paper roll are spot on. It’s a quick and easy way to do your own measurements without having to pull out a ruler or measuring tape to find out the size of your penis.

Keep in mind that toilet paper rolls may vary based on country.

Ireland, for example, reportedly has oversized rolls (or maybe the user is lying), and this means that even a person with a thicker penis might be able to fit in the roll. You can measure the circumference yourself or see what the manufacturer says the circumference of the roll is.

You’ll find some rolls do have larger and smaller circumferences, with some users stating they’ve seen rolls with 5″ tubes rather than 5.5 inches.

In either case, it’s still a good indicator and can be used as a form of measurement that is more fun and a lot less intrusive than a ruler or measuring tape.

Now, it’s up to you to take the next steps. If you’re bigger in both arenas, you might not need to worry about male enhancement. But if you want to have a longer, thicker penis and fill up your partner more, there are options to increase your penis size.

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