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Want to know how to make your penis bigger without surgery or pills?   Male Edge.

Clinically tested and proven, this is your best chance at a bigger penis. It’s not some hocus pocus or painful device that leaves your testicles swollen to the size of grapefruits. You won’t deal with a black and blue penis that makes you cringe in pain just looking at it.

Surgery offers far too many risks, and pills?  Well, have you read the side effects?

Chance of stroke, fever, headaches, stomach aches, heart attack – it’s just not worth the risk. Traction enlargement is the safe and effective way to achieve a larger penis size. It’s a long-term reward, with proven benefits, but it’s a process.

You’ll need to use the Male Edge extender consistently.  If you can handle the commitment, you will be rewarded with increased size.   Best of all, it is the best priced and overall value of any device we have tested.

Does the Male Edge Extender Really Work? how to use male edge

No one cares about products that don’t work. Before I even think about telling you what this product claims to do, let’s look at the studies to see what research proves it does. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time with a bunch of promises that might never materialize.


British Journal of Urology Research (BJUI) published a study on non-invasive penis enlargement.

British Journal of Urology Research

The study was conducted by two Italian researchers at the University of Turin.

These researchers looked at several methods of non-invasive penile enlargement with a focus on the traction enlargement method; the same method that Male Edge uses to extend a man’s penis.


Numerous studies and data were used to come up with the following:

  • Penile traction should be the first treatment for penile lengthening

Turin researchers further concluded that traction enlargement devices offer:

  • Effective and durable lengthening
  • Stretched penis lengthening
  • Flaccid penis lengthening

Researchers concluded that penile traction is safe and effective. They went as far as recommending this form of treatment for all patients regardless of their penis length because its non-invasive with little-to-no side effects.

And the study also concludes that penis extenders are the only evidence-based technique for extending a person’s penis.

If you want to really dig deep into the study, I recommend going and downloading the study. It offers a wealth of information that is enough to prove that traction is the way-to-go when looking at penis enlargement.

Medical tests have also been conducted on Male Edge.

These tests provide further backing for Male Edge as a leading method of penis enlargement. A test was conducted:

  • On 10 patients
  • Including people 23 – 47 years of age
  • Over 26 weeks
  • Requiring 2 week follow ups
  • Adhering to 12 hours of daily use
  • Using the device 7 days a week

And the Male Edge extender test results were impressive.

The results found that:

  • No complications occurred
  • All persons achieved penile lengthening
  • Lengthening occurred at a rate of 1.2 mm per week

You’re talking some serious gains with the gradual increase of traction between 600 and 1500g. This is proven penis enlargement. And the Pro model is viewed as the go-to model for lengthening and comfort (keep that in mind when making your purchase).

Wait, What’s the Traction Enlargement Method?

maleedge pro

We’ve heard a lot about the traction method that Male Edge utilizes, but if you’re like me, you’re imagining a person with a cast on their entire body stuck like that for months. Thankfully, this isn’t the sort of traction that will make your penis grow.

The Traction Enlargement Method is a lot different. If you’ve purchased your Male Edge, I recommend navigating to the Male Edge user guide and reading the company’s recommendation on traction.

For the rest of us trying to figure out what traction is in the first place, it’s quite simple.

Penis traction works like this:

  • Extenders (Male Edge in this case) apply force to the penis’ shaft
  • Force is applied slowly over time
  • Over time, cell division occurs (more on that below)
  • Cytokinesis occurs
  • The penis grows longer and thicker

Cell division is the key most important factor behind the enlargement method. If cell division didn’t occur, you would never see any results with a penis extender. You need the process of cell division to occur to see any results.

How Does Cell Division Help with Penile Growth?

cell division for penis growth

I’m not a scientist, and I won’t claim to be one, but the ASU School of Life Sciences has a rather thorough explanation on cell division that isn’t too difficult to understand. What I learned was that cell division occurs all the time.

Cell division occurs when you have a cut to heal the wound.

Cells divide when healing to replace old, damaged cells. And when a person is still growing, the cells divide to help with the growth process. You see, a person, or any living organism, will use cell division to grow.

It’s not that the cells grow larger in size; they grow larger in number.

So, one cell becomes two, which becomes four, which becomes eight, and so on and so forth.

You might not realize it, but there are 2 trillion cells that divide in the human body daily. It’s a miraculous process, and this is what the penis traction of the Male Edge does: forces cell division to occur.

Penile tissue is stretched, and while the tension doesn’t hurt the penis, it’s enough to force the cells to divide. Tension will allow the cell division process to occur, forcing more cell division in the area where you want growth the most: the penis.

Cells divide, and over a six-month period, your penis gets bigger.

You can’t force this type of cell division using any other safe method. When you hit a certain age, which is different for everyone, your penis stops growing. The reason this occurs is that cell division stops.

Cells die. Cells divide.

The process continues, but the penis size remains the same.

And this is what Male Edge is all about. Of course, you can’t continue this process forever because it just doesn’t work that way. You will hit a limit on your penis size, but that limit is surely larger than your penis is at the time of reading this.

Consistency is also required because cell division needs to occur consistently for long-term results.

How to Use Male Edge

How to Use Male Edge Extender

I won’t go over the same usage details found in the product’s manual, but I will answer some of the questions that I had when researching this product for myself.

  • You can use this product under loose-fitting clothes.
  • You can sleep with the device, but it’s not for everyone.
  • You can vary how long you wear the device. Studies often have participants use the device daily for 12 hours.
  • Slowly adjust the tension every week or two to ensure consistent gains.
  • Getting an erection while wearing the device does not cause pain or discomfort.

How much gain can you expect?

This is a good question.

Male Edge Results

If you use Male Edge properly, the average gains experienced are:

  • 28% length gains
  • 19% girth gains

These are massive gains. And you’ll be able to achieve long-term gains in both flaccid and erect size. Men 18 – 70+ have used Male Edge with success. Keep in mind that the company will not sell their product to minors.

And if you buy the unit, opt for the Pro, you’ll find that the company ships to:

  • 200 countries
  • In a discreet package

You’ll only find a shipping label on the package and nothing else. The brown box won’t give away a clue to the contents of the box.

Men with families or wives will appreciate the company’s discreet shipping practices. Even the charge on your credit card will only read as “DanaLife.”

Note: Men with penis curvatures can benefit from Male Edge. This penis extender has shown to correct up to 90% of penis curvature.

What Are Male Edge Reviews Saying?

People from across the world are choosing Male Edge Pro as the best-priced penis extender. And you’ll find the company’s product mentioned on some of the world’s largest publications, including:

  • BBC
  • Men’s Health
  • Playboy
  • FHM
  • Sports Illustrated

And over 500,000 people worldwide have chosen this product because it works. There is even a double your money back guarantee. Companies don’t offer to give you back your money twice over if their product doesn’t work.

The company has an open forum that people can browse to see what others are saying (I recommend viewing it for yourself).

What I found is the following:

  • One user gained a 1/2″ within three weeks of using the penis extender at maximum traction.
  • Another user went from 16cm to 18 cm when erect and gained 1 cm in girth.
  • A user gained 3.5 cm in length in just four months of using Male Edge

The great thing is that you can find people talking about Male Edge Pro everywhere online. It’s a product that is worth talking about because it works.

People are even stating that Male Edge has the advantage over the JES Extender.

Male Edge vs JES Extender

Safe and clinically tested, both of these devices have clinically proven results. People across the world have used these devices for extension and to correct curved penises. Traction is applied with both devices so that users can extend their penises.

And both products work well.  We view the Male Edge as the Jes Extender 2.0.

The differences are hard to spot, but there are some key points that make the Male Edge your go-to choice for penis extension:

  • Male Edge is designed to be more comfortable. Additional comfort allows you to wear your extender for an extended period of time without aches, pains or discomfort.
  • Male Edge claims to be easier to use, and while it may be slightly easier to use, they’re both very similar in this respect.

Male Edge built on the design of their extender to make sure that it is superior to JES. Both models are very similar, but with the comfort of the Pro, it only makes sense to go with Male Edge (in my opinion).

How Much Does Male Edge Cost?

Male Edge Buy

I haven’t mentioned price yet, but there are three main models:

  1. Basic – $149.99
  2. Extra – $174.99
  3. Pro – $199.99

Pro is the best extender on the market for budget-friendly shoppers. Results happen quickly with the Pro, and it includes four additional rubber straps, protective pads, travel bag, measuring devices and a slew of additional items that make it worth every cent.

Yes, the other models work, but for the minor price difference, you might as well go with the best model.

Want to know where to buy Male Edge?

I recommend the company’s main product page.


Click here to be directed to the manufacturer’s main product page. 

Amazon is always my go-to choice for nearly everything, but that does not apply to male enhancement products.  Why?  There a lot of people that have complained about fake, knock-off products being branded under the Male Edge name. eBay has had the same issue with other extenders. There is also the concern that someone else may have used the extender in the past.

Trust me, if there is one item you don’t want to go cheap on it this.  I am all for second-hand items, but I am not using a second-hand penis extender.

 It is simply not worth the risk.

Now, when you buy your extender directly, you’ll be backed with a 200% money back guarantee.

guaranteeIf you’re using the Pro, you will not need to initiate a refund. And even if you’re the rare case of a refund, you’ll get twice your money in return so you are not risking anything.

You can’t argue with a return policy of this magnitude.

And since the company’s customer service is spot-on, you never have to worry about lengthy claims or the company flaking out on their guarantee.

You will get your money back if you don’t see results.

The good news is that the average person is able to increase their penis size by over 25% – that’s a massive gain. You’ll also benefit from harder erections. I can confidently say that a 25%+ bigger penis is a game changer in the bedroom.

You’ll be able to satisfy her or him like never before.

Conclusion:  Are there better devices available?  

Our research shows that this is a decent buy for the money but when dealing with your penis we do not recommend pinching pennies.  With that said, we think there are better options available and recommend using the Phallosan for the best quality and best overall results.


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Male Edge Review
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