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Size Doctor Vacuum Extender Review

The Size Doctor extender can help you increase your penis size. Cock growth is possible. But what makes this vacuum extender tick? What results can you expect to see? Will you notice a boost in self-esteem in the bedroom?

Phallosan Forte Alternative

This is what I am going to attempt to find out in our hands on Size Doctor review.

What is a Vacuum Extender?


Your journey to becoming an Alpha Male doesn’t start until you use a legit vacuum extender. What makes a vacuum device different from traditional rod based extender?   The main difference is comfort.  That is the key with the Size Doctor extender and why we refer to  it as a hybrid device – it uses what is vacuum extension with a traditional rod system.

Vacuum extenders use a vacuum chamber to secure your penis in place comfortably.

Something called negative suction pulls the penis to create an air-tight seal that stops the penis from moving out of place. Your penis will use this force to stay in place as the traction stretcher gently helps the inner cells of the penile tissue to increase in length.  That means less irritation from the normal attachment methods (straps).  This is crucial to your success because most guys give up at the first hint of skin discomfort.  That is why the Size Doctor stands out.

Slow and steady results are experienced.

Small, micro-tears will occur in the penile tissue and repair over time, allowing for cell division to occur.

When vacuum seal technology and traction are used in one extender, it’s a duo that is almost guaranteed to provide long-lasting results.

You’ll be able to achieve serious results:

  • Your penis length is often the main reason for a person wanting to increase their penis size. Length can be achieved over the long-term with Size Doctor. How much will you be able to lengthen your penis? A staggering 20% increase is possible.
  • Penile thickness is what most women say matters the most. The girth, or thickness of the penis, helps “fill her up more.” And Size Doctor has been shown to thicken a penis’ girth by as much as 15%.

Size Doctor is safe and simple to use.

Vacuum Penis Extender

People are using Size Doctor as their go-to penis extender that combines vacuum and traction technology to provide long-lasting penile growth.

And there’s only one place you can find this product: . If you see Size Doctor anywhere else, you need to be careful because a lot of retailers are pushing fakes.

There’s a reason why so many fakes are being sold: Size Doctor works.

It’s the real deal. It kicks ass.

Yes, other extenders have used similar technology, but Size Doctor does things differently. What makes this extender stand out from the crowd is its build quality and comfort.

It’s a unique vacuum system, but it also has a price / value that can’t be beat.

You won’t find another penis enlarger at $197 that works this well – it won’t happen. Size Doctor is the best of the best.

A legit, budget priced Phallson Forte Alternative

If you compare this product to Phallosan, which is our number 1 rated PE device, and you’ll find that it’s much cheaper and almost as effective. When you need a less expensive alternative to the Phallosan, you can choose Size Doctor and be very confident with your choice.

But don’t take my word for it.

Just read some of these Size Doctor extender reviews I’ve found online:

  • Using this stretcher for a curved penis. Works better than others I have seen.
  • I noticed a quarter inch length increase and I am just starting my second month. I’m confident I will gain another 2 inches in length.
  • Sleek, comfortable and made of steel. This product is built-to-last and really works.

I have tried extenders that use rods and other methods to add size to a man’s penis, and a lot of products work. I won’t deny that, but what I noticed is that a lot of these devices are challenging to wear for extended periods.

Your skin may become irritated with strap systems.  For others, they can bruise and swell. Other people can’t have sex because their extender left them in pain.   Obviously, these are fundamental design flaws in the cheaper brands.   This is not an investment to pinch pennies on.

The manufacturer of the Size Doctor helps remove all of these aches and pains and also go easy on your wallet. You don’t have to walk around limping any longer.

The key is the materials that the Size Doctor is made out of:

  • Steel to make sure the extender is very durable
  • Silicone to make sure the extender is comfortable to wear

Superior material allows this device to weigh just 1.65 pounds, yet it offers a construction that is unmatched.

When you choose Size Doctor, you’re choosing a penis extender that will:

  • Offer effective penis length increases
  • Enhance the penis girth of the user
  • Strengthen the erection quality of the user
  • Correct penile curvatures
  • Aid in the treatment of Peyronines Disease

Your small penis size doesn’t need to define who you are. There are options to be able to extend the size of your penis and increase the girth. You just need to find the right product, and this is it.

Imagine being able to see gains of 1 to 3.5 inches in length.

That’s impressive.

And there are no harmful side effects to worry about. You’ll be able to use Size Doctor with the confidence in knowing that you won’t have to see your balls swollen or be in severe discomfort when having sex.

This is a long-term way to increase the size of your penis.

All you need to do is use Size Doctor daily. If you can commit to using this extender for 4 – 6 months, you’ll notice substantial gains in both penis size and girth. It’s a proven method of penis enhancement.

You’ll also have more stamina in the bedroom – going longer with better erection quality.

It’s the key to having the “wow factor” in the bedroom.

Click here to start increasing your penis size today with Size Doctor –  the most comfortable vacuum penis extender on the market.


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