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X4 Labs strives to be an industry leader in penis extension and the company is celebrating its 14th year on the market this year. They like to say that when you know you can please your partner more, it’s time to make an effort to change.

Their solution:  Traction therapy can help.

How Does The x4 Labs Extender Work?


When you use x4 Labs extender, it will do two main things:

  1. Increase penile length
  2. Increase penile girth

You will wear an extension device (much less scarier than it sounds), and gentle tension will be applied to the penis that will promote growth over time. This growth can lead to a massive difference in the bedroom.

And x4 Labs is the solid budget buy for a penis extender.

It works and it’s affordable.  Value is the #1 feature for this device.

You’ll need to wear the stretcher for hours every day, and comfort needs to be at the forefront of the device’s design to ensure that a user will wear it daily. X4 Labs focused on comfort to ensure that you never walk away with aches or pains in the most sensitive part of your body.  In our tests, we did have some comfort concerns with extended wear and it is something we want you to be aware of.  

When you go to order your device, you’ll find that there are several models to choose from, that is borderline confusing.  The key point to focus on is the amount of tension in each device.

  • Deluxe – A 3600 gram extender that costs less than $100.
  • Premium – A 3900 gram tension extender.
  • Extreme Premium – A 4200 gram tension extender.
  • Anniversary Ultra – A 4200 gram tension extender with a lot of extras.
  • Gold Luxury – A 4200 gram tension extender.
  • Patriot Gold – A tri-force tension extender.

You’ll also find extenders that have been designed to correct penis curvature caused by Peyronies Disease.

Each tier offers its own unique selling points, and if this is your first extender purchase, really can’t go wrong when buying any model. A lot of consumers will start with the cheapest model and then buy a higher-end model as they start to see positive results.

[alert-success]My advice is to start with the highest amount of tension you can afford on your initial purchase. [/alert-success]

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There is no need to buy another device later on and in that respect, you save $$$ in the long run.

The higher the gram tension, the better the results. See, when tension is applied to the penis, it will cause the muscle fibers and tissue to start to experience minor tears that will force cell duplication and division in the penis.

But when the tissue and muscle does start to heal, it will force your penis to grow in both length and girth.

What is girth?

Girth is the circumference of the penis at the thickest part. Studies have shown that girth can provide optimal pleasure for a woman compared to length. If you are familiar with Orange Is The New Black series on NetFlix remember the term “beer can”.    One of the key selling points of x4 Labs against other “stretcher” style devices is that it also helps you increase girth.  You don’t have to settle for one or the other.

You’ll experience both penile length gains and girth gains.

It’s the complete package, and your sex life will thank you for trying this product yourself.

x4 Labs Results

before and after results

Everything looks good on paper, but what are people really experiencing when they use this extender? Are people seeing massive size gains? Does x4 Labs even work?

Yes and yes.

First and foremost, this isn’t just some device that company’s recommend: doctors all over the world are recommending x4 Labs to their patients.

Virginia-based Dr. Stephen Giunta is a Chief of Aesthetic Surgery. His list of credentials make him one of the most knowledgeable male sexual enhancement professionals in the world. He has over 33 years of surgical experience helping patients reach sexual satisfaction.

[alert-announce]Dr. Giunta recommends x4 Labs to his patients.[/alert-announce]

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich, based out of Moscow, Russia also recommends x4Labs to his patients. Dr. Petrobich’s credentials are also impressive as one of the leading urologists in the world. He has 20+ years of surgical and clinical experience in the field, and he is a major supporter of penis extenders.

He even recommends these devices as an alternative to penis enlargement surgery.

But what’s even more impressive are the before and after reviews.

People are experiencing massive gains, and these gains are changing their lives. Imagine being able to experience what:

  • Donald A from Baltimore experienced when he gained 2 inches in just 6 months.
  • Vic T from Chicago experienced when he gained 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth in just 8 months.
  • Daryl E from Salt Lake City experienced when he gained just short of 2 inches in just 6 months.

There are men, just like you, who are able to satisfy their partners better than ever before. Men (who for most of their lives wished that they had a penis that would truly satisfy their partners) have finally found a way to realize their goals without surgery.

And it’s not an overnight process.

There is no shortcut to a bigger penis.

Time is needed to be able to transform your penis size.

How Long Does It Take for an x4 Labs to Work?

does x4 labs work

The x4 Labs extender takes weeks to work, and every person is different.

There are people who start to notice slight differences in their penis’s size within just 4 – 6 weeks, but this is a long-term process.

You’ll need to use your extender for months if you hope to find lasting results.

If you give the extender a try for six months, this seems to be the sweet spot for true results.

People who have used x4 Labs for six or more months have been able to achieve:

  • 2+ inch penile growth
  • 1 inch girth increase

But if you’re not consistent with your usage, you’ll find that you’ll never reach your goals. All you need to do is wear this device and increase the tension slowly over time for you to see positive results.

Comfort Unleashed at Every Angle

most comfortable

When you use the X4 Labs penis extender, you’re choosing to use one of the industry’s most comfortable extenders. This device uses hybrid technology to provide you with the gains you want to experience. You have the option to use the technology that you want to use:

  • Silicon tubes
  • Comfort strap system

Comfort equates to one thing: faster results. You know that you’ll stop using your extender when it’s not comfortable. Older units would cause some harsh side effects: swollen testicles to name just one. This extender is designed to fit:

  • Any shape
  • Any size

It’s the perfect fit.

And since this extender fits perfectly, you’ll find that it amplifies the results through longer wear and less time worried that you’ll be sore or have pain from extended use.

All you need to do is adjust the tension springs and allow the penis extender to do the rest.

You’ll be blown away by the results.

Where to Buy x4 Labs

If you’re ready to change your sex life forever, it’s time to buy the X4 Labs extender and see what all the hype is about. I know it sounds too good to be true, but the manufacturer offers a 100% risk free, satisfaction guarantee.

The criteria is that you need to use this device for six months.

And if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can return the device for your money back. Results will vary, so you can’t expect a 3-inch gain and view any other gains as a disappointment. If you see gains, you know that the device works.

No questions asked: No gains, you get your money back.

If this isn’t a guarantee that really demonstrates the manufacturer’s commitment to their clients, I don’t know what is.

The only place I recommend you trust when making your purchase is the official website.

They even have a special x4 Labs discount applied to help you save some money on your purchase.

Buy the extender today, and give it a shot.

You’ll start seeing results in just a few weeks.

Permanent results.

It takes commitment, but after the first few tries, you’ll forget that you even have the extender on. Before you know it, you’ll start noticing penile gains that are undeniable in the bedroom. It’s worth the effort to have life-long gains.


Click here to buy the x4 Labs penis extender today.


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